Jesus Springs Well

Jesus Springs Well

Oh give me that water of life sweet Jesus!

You thirsted for us on that cross dear Jesus, and as we are spiritually dying of thirst your well is open to us eternally, that crystal clear fountain gushing into our mouths.

And yet many people cry at that well unable to draw the water of life because they don’t know how!


This is what that means to me Jesus, crying at the cross, because of my anguish towards peoples unbelief! Just a little faith in you sweet Jesus and the water I know would come flooding into their souls forever, such is God’s mercy.

How can we teach people to pull up that water?


It’s not really down one of these though. And yet people would literally look for the water of Jesus down one of these old testament type wells. It’s not physical it’s spiritual friends. The answer lies in your own soul’s relationship with Jesus. Try standing at the edge of one of these wells, reading God’s word, and listening for a reply may certainly help, though that effort isn’t necessary.

Hold a nail in your hand and think how Jesus thirsted on the cross, and suddenly the water of faith will spring to your mind!


So your garden of the mind begins to flourish as your pour the word of Jesus on your garden. Look outside of this and see the weeds though. These are what you must bypass.

They will attract and then choke you.


Rebekah at the well Genesis 24:15

And from here following Isaac’s servant to Isaac for to wed him.

So, Jesus is our Spring of Life, and like Rebekah found Isaac, people can find Jesus also.

My Christian audio site is :-

and may God truly fill you with the water of Jesus Christ.




An appeal has been made to Jesus, ‘please help my unbelief’, the devil is writhing around…

An appeal has been made to Jesus, ‘please help my unbelief’, the devil is writhing around…

MARK 9:24…And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief…(KJV)

If you believe anything is possible said Jesus. Everything bad is the devil inside us stopping us believing in Jesus Christ. So we try to believe in God and this is when the devil begins to writhe around inside us. It’s not pleasant, it’s not nice, he’s put that vice in us and over time it’s turned into a devil like vice like grip. This problem doesn’t happen over night, it happens over very many years of ‘non Jesus’ like living.

The father above cried out to Jesus, he split himself into two, the devil’s unbelief versus the belief of Jesus. The battle within him had just begun. This battle may take sometime, and the battle ground is within the above man. What does Jesus do to everyone who pleads his help?


Yes folks, the man, the crying father, became that little lost lamb, and no way was Jesus going to let the wolf get him. However, like the lamb above, you have to keep bleating, or else you may slip backwards, like ‘backsliding’, and that wolf may still be waiting!

Throw the bin at the devil, don’t be scared!

The bin contains your sins, it’s that container which the devil has crammed with alot of bad things, and you let him do it. Jesus will help you empty that bin of sin once and for all.

Then the hard work begins, staying on the straight and narrow, but in those very harrowing and difficult early times, continual prayer to Jesus may be needed. It’s hard at first, though it does get easier and easier. Amen.

If you are in need of any help finding the Lord Jesus, the below sites may be of help, as they have helped me,


I also have a Christian audio website called :-

May you truly find belief forever!


Can people still find heaven?

Can people still find heaven?

The answer is yes, however most people seem to choose the below :-


This frozen hell, or hotter than hell!

So we need Jesus in our lives to find heaven, then he gives us Salvation. Those nuggets of gold those ruby and sapphire gems are all contained in the Holy Bible, however people don’t seem to want to possess this road map to heaven.

Why? Well when they do occasionally attempt to open it, and read a few verses, their forehead furrows, they become puzzled, ‘this seems like hard work’, they could be doing something much more pleasurable instead. So the bible is still respected and put on some shelf somewhere, but never really read.

Like most good things in life, they need a little time, effort, dedication, commitment, and if those results don’t come flooding in it’s thrown onto the pile, slagheap, call it what you want.

If you want to still find heaven though, and the bible seems to hard work, you could try joining an organisation with like minded people. There are many out there.

A very good place to try is:-


here you will find some sound advice on how to become a good Christian.

my website where I do some Christian audios is:-

May the sun shine rather than the ice freeze through.


So continuing with this post:-

Matt 13:25…but gather the wheat into my barn…(KJV)

People can still certainly find heaven!

You know, it’s like when you are on holiday, driving around trying to find some lovely location on the beach. You pull into one place and it is full of ‘not nice’ people. You pull into another place, the services are lousy. You pull into another place, it seems dodgy and dangerous. It’s like this trying to find heaven, the weeds are everywhere, then you pull into a little cove down a winding coastal road, through a narrow lane with trees overhanging, then bingo! a beautiful little cove, a few nice families enjoying life on the beach. Heaven as been found, for a while at any rate. However, the weeds keep on growing though ‘like the horror movie day of the triffids’. This lovely cove will one day be found and ruined, but we as Christians, like Jesus going from town to town with nothing but his clothes on his back and a staff, keep looking for places of welcome, tropical paradises, then one turns up again.finding-heaven-2

So like the parable the wheat and the tares, we all live together until Judgement Day,

All of those tares and weeds we have to sidetrack until that beautiful flower comes into view, and that is where we will stay for as long as we can, preaching the gospel message, like a garden bird singing his song.


People just like the ‘Nice Gospel’!

People just like the ‘Nice Gospel’!

We are all sinners folks.

We like to put away our sin and just join in with the ‘Christian Fun’. However, this isn’t the right way to find Jesus.


Jesus wants us to be aware of our past wrongs so that we can put them right and get closer to him. When we admit we are sinners we can then repent to God then after prayer receive his forgiveness.

We need to get ourselves filthy first by bringing to mind all of our past wrongs, from big ones to little ones, before we can enjoy the ‘nice gospel’ as I have put it.

Remember God loves you, and forgives you.

It’s time to ‘Get Right With God’ today.

There are many organisations out there that can help you find Jesus.

Just one of many is:-


Let’s all praise the lord together!

I also do some Christian audios on :-

God bless!


The wine of Violence Proverb 4:17

The wine of Violence Proverb 4:17

The wine of violence.

This folks is to do with the perils of drinking alcohol.

Proverbs 4:17…For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence…(KJV)

The bible urges us to avoid this at all costs. Remember, the devil’s brew. When people loose control and violence erupts. That innate animalistic tendency, which can cause so much hurt and havoc in people’s lives.

The below stuff isn’t the main issue here though, it’s what comes out of man’s heart, mind and soul, that evil, where violence comes in all sorts and guises. Let’s try to get out of that spinning vortex of sin, that black hole of hades. It’s so, so hard once the devil has got his teeth in you, that death grip that wont let go. However, just wait, and wait, for that moment where he loosens that grip to get a better one then run for it.

Tip that booze down the sink folks.

Start a fresh, start a new with Jesus Christ your new drink, your new food, your new life.



The Wheat and the Tares Matt 13:30

The Wheat and the Tares Matt 13:30
What a mess the world is in!

There are weeds everywhere, and what happens, people try to do some weeding like in their garden. Big, big mistake! and Jesus tells us this.

Like Matthew 13:30 tells us….we must leave the weeds in the ground or else when we pull them out many of the flowers (the beautiful innocent ones) are destroyed also.

So basically on in the last days the weeds will be pulled up first and thrown int the fire, then the wheat or the fruit are pulled up last and go to heaven.

In reality though folks, you don’t have to go near to the weeds, just live under a daffodil or in Jesus’ shadow. If the weeds get to close, time to move on. It’s getting harder though, the weeds just flourish!

Try to live around the weeds until Judgement Day