The answer is yes, however most people seem to choose the below :-


This frozen hell, or hotter than hell!

So we need Jesus in our lives to find heaven, then he gives us Salvation. Those nuggets of gold those ruby and sapphire gems are all contained in the Holy Bible, however people don’t seem to want to possess this road map to heaven.

Why? Well when they do occasionally attempt to open it, and read a few verses, their forehead furrows, they become puzzled, ‘this seems like hard work’, they could be doing something much more pleasurable instead. So the bible is still respected and put on some shelf somewhere, but never really read.

Like most good things in life, they need a little time, effort, dedication, commitment, and if those results don’t come flooding in it’s thrown onto the pile, slagheap, call it what you want.

If you want to still find heaven though, and the bible seems to hard work, you could try joining an organisation with like minded people. There are many out there.

A very good place to try is:-


here you will find some sound advice on how to become a good Christian.

my website where I do some Christian audios is:-

May the sun shine rather than the ice freeze through.


So continuing with this post:-

Matt 13:25…but gather the wheat into my barn…(KJV)

People can still certainly find heaven!

You know, it’s like when you are on holiday, driving around trying to find some lovely location on the beach. You pull into one place and it is full of ‘not nice’ people. You pull into another place, the services are lousy. You pull into another place, it seems dodgy and dangerous. It’s like this trying to find heaven, the weeds are everywhere, then you pull into a little cove down a winding coastal road, through a narrow lane with trees overhanging, then bingo! a beautiful little cove, a few nice families enjoying life on the beach. Heaven as been found, for a while at any rate. However, the weeds keep on growing though ‘like the horror movie day of the triffids’. This lovely cove will one day be found and ruined, but we as Christians, like Jesus going from town to town with nothing but his clothes on his back and a staff, keep looking for places of welcome, tropical paradises, then one turns up again.finding-heaven-2

So like the parable the wheat and the tares, we all live together until Judgement Day,

All of those tares and weeds we have to sidetrack until that beautiful flower comes into view, and that is where we will stay for as long as we can, preaching the gospel message, like a garden bird singing his song.



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