We are all sinners folks.

We like to put away our sin and just join in with the ‘Christian Fun’. However, this isn’t the right way to find Jesus.


Jesus wants us to be aware of our past wrongs so that we can put them right and get closer to him. When we admit we are sinners we can then repent to God then after prayer receive his forgiveness.

We need to get ourselves filthy first by bringing to mind all of our past wrongs, from big ones to little ones, before we can enjoy the ‘nice gospel’ as I have put it.

Remember God loves you, and forgives you.

It’s time to ‘Get Right With God’ today.

There are many organisations out there that can help you find Jesus.

Just one of many is:-


Let’s all praise the lord together!

I also do some Christian audios on :-


God bless!



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