MARK 9:24…And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief…(KJV)

If you believe anything is possible said Jesus. Everything bad is the devil inside us stopping us believing in Jesus Christ. So we try to believe in God and this is when the devil begins to writhe around inside us. It’s not pleasant, it’s not nice, he’s put that vice in us and over time it’s turned into a devil like vice like grip. This problem doesn’t happen over night, it happens over very many years of ‘non Jesus’ like living.

The father above cried out to Jesus, he split himself into two, the devil’s unbelief versus the belief of Jesus. The battle within him had just begun. This battle may take sometime, and the battle ground is within the above man. What does Jesus do to everyone who pleads his help?


Yes folks, the man, the crying father, became that little lost lamb, and no way was Jesus going to let the wolf get him. However, like the lamb above, you have to keep bleating, or else you may slip backwards, like ‘backsliding’, and that wolf may still be waiting!

Throw the bin at the devil, don’t be scared!

The bin contains your sins, it’s that container which the devil has crammed with alot of bad things, and you let him do it. Jesus will help you empty that bin of sin once and for all.

Then the hard work begins, staying on the straight and narrow, but in those very harrowing and difficult early times, continual prayer to Jesus may be needed. It’s hard at first, though it does get easier and easier. Amen.

If you are in need of any help finding the Lord Jesus, the below sites may be of help, as they have helped me,


I also have a Christian audio website called :-

May you truly find belief forever!



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