Galveston and Jesus

Galveston and Jesus
Galveston, oh, Galveston
I still hear your sea winds blowing….
This beautiful song by Glen Campbell reminds me of a place where two lovers meet, and Jesus is always there. This is just my interpretation of events, associating beautiful tunes with Jesus Christ. Jesus is everywhere to the believing Christian, and with those sea winds blowing loved ones hair is a gem of fabulous beauty, and with Jesus present in our hearts I’m sure the two lovers will always re-unite both in this world and heaven. This is the ‘warm love light’ deal that Jesus gives his lovers I’m sure.
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Glen Campbell – Galveston galveston-2

Making vows on the beach with Jesus in your heart, mind and soul. That seems like ‘The Garden of Eden’ to me. And the best thing is there are millions of places around the globe that are just as beautiful as Galveston Beach! Anywhere where there’s you your love and Jesus!
The suffering leaves the soul of man I believe very quickly when Jesus has been invited in, and we can take love with us everywhere we go.
So sweet Jesus, thank you for Galveston, thank you for the countless other places in the world in which we live where love grows, and thank you for letting us forgiven sinners near you to experience the love of the Holy Spirit, in your sweet precious name. Amen.
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And may Jesus be with you in your search for heaven! Amen.


Bill finds Jesus amongst cheats.

Bill finds Jesus amongst cheats.

Bill finds Jesus amongst cheats

Bill sat in the bar of a local public house, cigarette in mouth, whiskey and soda in hand, playing cards fanned out in the other. “How long have you been divorced for now Bill, a couple of years isn’t it, come on let yourself go,” said one of his drunken associates. A woman of no good reputation put her hand on Bill’s knee and squeezed it. Her scarlet lipstick matched the overdone rouge on her face. The pub hooker and Bill knew it. Everything was going downhill for Bill, there was even spilt coffee from a week ago on his shirt, and the smell of whiskey hid the smell of his BO Body odour. “Cheat,” one of the players exclaimed, then there was the sound of arguing, drunken pirates. Bill played the ace of hearts and won the kitty, “Jesus!” he exclaimed, he had won the lot, quite a sizeable kitty. He gathered it all and cupped his arms around it as they all walked away, apart from the lady of the night. “How about it Bill, me and you,” she said. Bill grasped a handful of notes and gave them to her. At that precise moment Bill swore that the upturned ace of hearts had turned to the face of Jesus, with the sound, “I’m saving you Bill from this moment on,”


Bill said to the woman, “not tonight,” so she left him alone, counting what he had given her with a smile on her face.

Bill purchased a Holy Bible and an electronic slim line bible also, and went back to his home, sat down in the peace and quiet of his living room, and reflected on his godly encounter. The crocuses were well-developed in the winter snow as Bill gazed through his window, an orange centre and white on the petals. It was Jesus who came to Bill earlier on, and Jesus came to him again, “Bill you need to start again like a child, and receive the word of my father like a baby suckles milk from his or her mother.” Bill was astonished. He quickly typed child to see what god had to say in his electronic concordance. God’s word came from Luke chapter nine verse forty two which read:- And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tear him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father. Bill sat very still as god revealed truths to him. This particular passage was where Jesus cast out the bad spirit that was harming a child, where the child became well again and was given back to his father. The revelation to Bill was a similar miracle that had been done to him. But rather than Jesus casting the devil out of Bill, god his father decided to cast Bill out of the devil; the devil in this case was the public house, with its immoral sexual activities and alcohol and drugs. Instead of Bill being in the devil’s house among cheats, he was now among god’s angels and children, and Bill grasped a very important message which was, no matter how deep in crisis you are, even at the point of socializing with the devil, Jesus is always around looking for his lost lamb and all that you have to do is let Jesus pick you up over his shoulders and take you to his father’s sheep pen in heaven.

Bill thought about a few of his buddies at the pub who he did like and felt sympathy for, where they weren’t all like hogs and swine rolling around in the mire. Dare he go back and try to rescue one or two of them. Bill waited for some sort of confirmation from god, where when typing in his electric bible pig came up with Mark chapter five verse eleven which read:- Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding. After Bill read the whole passage about Jesus casting out devils and sending them into pigs, Bill waited very quietly for god’s truth to manifest into his being. This is what Bill concluded. The immoral people in the pub were the pigs and the devil and his dark angels were inside the pigs’ being, through sex and drugs. Jesus had compassion on Legion the devil possessed man by casting out the devil, and leaving the man well and in his right mind. Bill would go to the pub and talk with his friend who he felt sorry for, and save him. Bill went to the pub and explained his new-found faith in Jesus, and told his friend to contact him anytime. The rest of the cheats and pigs in the pub would end up spiritually killing themselves with booze, like the herd of swine drowning at the command of god.

Bill had turned from his cheating card playing buddies just in time, it was an about turn that led him away from the bad influence. Bill had saved one of them as well, like Jesus and the lost sheep. The cleansing effect of god’s word from the Holy Bible combined with the physical well-being of detoxification was a turning point in Bill’s life. Light at the end of the tunnel was now very colourful very bright and a very good landmark to follow, always keeping on the straight and narrow, that slender pathway that leads to the land of ‘milk and honey’.

Jesus had saved Bill. In the most dire of places, god is always present, like a battle field during war, all blown up and cut up and sludged up and brown soil and dead bodies and if one looks carefully, very carefully like going over every square inch of battle field with a magnifying glass, that single blossom of a poppy can be found full of Jesus.

The End

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The clear fresh water enlivens us

The clear fresh water enlivens us

104:10…He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills…(KJV)

People are so so dry out there. Their souls just cannot sustain life. They are on the point of collapsing. If they pray to Jesus sincerely for refreshment then Psalm 104:10 will be granted. Like standing underneath a cool waterfall being drenched back into life! Like drinking that apple juice from fresh apples just pouring it into your mouth all over your face mixing in with the waterfall coming down. Jesus is with us friends. That new fresh walk in life, where we are trained by Jesus to help others receive the same drenching of God’s word.

Our land does become very fertile,


a once dry and lifeless land, full of greed, lasciviousness, arrogance, violence. And we just obey Jesus’ small voice in our hearts, like Adam and Eve should have obeyed God’s, and Jesus tells us all the right moves to do in life. Just dipping in the bible, loving to read God words, even dare I say get addicted to God’s word. ‘Addicted to Love’ Addicted to Jesus Christ’ this is an addiction that only the very few elect are privileged to receive. 

The devil works on me I back-slide for a while, I’m weak, but finding myself quickly near to Jesus again without the devil anywhere insight is such a great feeling. 

I end up putting the TV on or something,


Football…I like supporting my home team a lot, what a waste of emotion!

I would love to keep cleaning my self with Jesus’ fresh truth, splash freezing cold water over me to waken me up! It’s ok to do your little pleasures in life though, in moderation they say.

Jesus says help me find my little lamb! Amen.

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A very good Christian website full of help and resources in your quest to get spiritually replenished is :-

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May Jesus find you his little lost sheep and lead you to fresh springs for ever. Amen.

The Doubting World

The Doubting World

Mark 11:23… For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith…(KJV)

It’s a doubting world we live in friends. Kids used to say it a lot when I was young, people just think it a lot in adulthood. That doubt just gnaws away at your soul at your very existence, where the end result is faithlessness. No faith! I believe this isn’t just to do with Christianity, it’s to do with everything the person believes in. If they can’t see it with their own eyes, they don’t believe it. And something like the Holy Spirit landing on you to fill you with the love of Jesus Christ is absolutely ridiculous to the doubters out there, and yet their lives are so so sad also in a lot of the modern world in which we live.

We as Christians friends know that with just a little faith in Jesus we can move mountains.


And when we can move mountains, we can easily bring Jesus into our hearts and I also believe that Jesus helps us to bring our loved ones into our hearts also.


So friends like Jesus tells us in Mark 11:23 let us not doubt but believe in Jesus, then we can have whatever we want. Let us not dig ourselves a hole to get stuck in by doubting. Let’s ban doubting out of our lives for good and cast it into the pit with our faith in Jesus Christ, and let’s be determined from this moment on to proclaim the gospel message to all and help them doubting people to believe a little in God, and let’s give to others what Jesus has given to us. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

some great Christian websites that can help people not to doubt in Jesus are :-

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and may the love of Jesus truly help you never to doubt, now and forever more, Amen.

Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow

This was from the Wizard of Oz sung by Judy Garland. Over the rainbow from the Christians point of view though is heaven. We imagine Jesus over the rainbow in heaven, and sometimes we find ourselves through faith imagining what heaven is like. But we have to return back to the reality to earth.

Dorothy clicked her shoes together and said, ‘there’s no place like home’, when she was in that strange land. Ourselves in this world can a lot of the time say, ‘there’s no place like heaven’, and we just put our hands together and pray to Jesus.

Nice heaven.


Every colour of the rainbow will be in heaven or no colour just beautiful whatever! If Jesus gives us an insight into heaven, that is our godly reward. I believe you can take ToTo into heaven as well, however this remains to be seen!

Actually finding the end of a rainbow and walking through it, those different haze of colours drenching us on this planet of ours, makes me wonder how warm it will be in heaven, not boiling not freezing, just right like Goldilocks’ little bear’s porridge.

Over the rainbow though has to be with Jesus.


As he leads us over the rainbow, as the little blue birds fly, why can’t I, you can, with Jesus.

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May Jesus come into your life, ‘somewhere over the rainbow’, Amen.


Tie a yellow ribbon

Tie a yellow ribbon

This was a nice song from the 70’s, I think it might have got to no.1 in the UK pop charts. Them days though as a teenager I hadn’t really found Jesus. I don’t know, a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, with now knowing Jesus it’s more to do with a large stone which was rolled out-of-the-way of Jesus’ sepulchre, grave cave, tomb. 


It would have been nice to put a yellow ribbon, and roses and nice things around Jesus’ tomb, however this could not happen, Jesus had to be resurrected, he had to leave that earthly grave, and be the first into heaven. Nothing colourful, just grey rock. 

What Jesus went through, and I might put some butter on some toast and look at the granite grey reality what Jesus went through, makes me realise that we are very fortunate living in times like ours. Very, very easy.


Everything is fine now Jesus is in my life and yours, no need to feel bad about anything because Jesus says so, don’t worry. Being near to Jesus is everything. He makes everything right and good.

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may Jesus put a nice ribbon on your soul because you are worth it. Amen.

Lord Remember me…

Lord Remember me…

Luke 23:43…To day shalt thou be with me in paradise…(KJV)

Hello Folks, this is all or little a person has to say to Jesus in order to enter into paradise. Lord remember me… this is what the criminal said to Jesus as they hung on their crosses! Even the worst sinners are shown mercy, if only they have the courage to ask the Lord for help sincerely. 

This malefactor, this criminal was anything but righteous, however he did posses one thing, without which there’s no way into heaven, ‘faith in Jesus Christ’.

All those ‘Good People’ out there, there must be millions if not billions of them out there in the big beautiful world, and yet if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ there’s no way in Christ’s heaven that’s for sure. The criminal got in the same day as Jesus!lord-mremember-me-2

All the above people, good law-abiding citizens, don’t believe in Jesus Christ, and won’t get into heaven, the criminal that hung next to Jesus did though, he just believed, but this is the good bit, at the very last roll of the dice, the last moments of his life, he asked Jesus to remember him and bingo, mercy, mercy, mercy, heaven opens its pearly gates. If these folks here asked sincerely, remembering they are good people, they surely would fly into heaven.

You see people can mock Christians like they mocked Jesus as he hung dying, and yet the Christians will enter heaven, not the mockers :-


It happens now in life, if we pray to God in public there are people out there who would deride us and laugh at us and mock us, and we just shrug our shoulders, we show them where the treasure is, we draw a map for them where X marks the spot, we even cup the diamonds in our hands and let them fall through our fingers. And still they laugh and mock, because of there unbelief. We feel so good though, we believe in Jesus, the mockers on the other hand are like what it says in the bible, outside there will be ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’. 


Jesus will definitely remember us though folks, and as we try our best to remember Jesus Christ in our daily lives, for all the good he does in the world, may he give each and every one of us that little bit of love that keeps us alive, now and forever. Amen.

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May the love of Jesus truly enrich your lives, he will never forget you!