Do not be greedy of filthy lucre.

1 Timothy 3:3

It’s true friends, this is one of life’s big killers. It undermines all of ones hard work, and the lot comes tumbling down like a house of cards.

It isn’t in the belly shoving that dirty money rots though, it’s the heart, mind and soul, when there is the prospect of a quick buck or pound stirling, and all of a sudden the person begins to lick their lips and drool. The amount of sermons preached about greed over the centuries amasses to a lot!


And people try to cram even more money into themselves, and in the physical sense people are then close to death, greed has actually killed them, the heart attack victim or perhaps the junkie whoose OD’d.

Jesus would never allow his little lambs to be subject to this state. This wicked state.

He would help you fight the devil.

The greedy are down a hole and Jesus throws you that rope to pull yourself out, or if things are too bad, to lift you out with the rope tied around you.


And all that we have to say is, Jesus, I’m sorry for being greedy, please help me to get out of this mess. Then, if you were sincere down would come the rope! The more you say I love you Jesus, I need you Jesus, the higher and higher you would be raised until, freedom. Always being aware though that backsliding can send you tumbling back down again. So saying I love you Jesus is a lifetime appeal a lifetime continual prayer, which with faith and practice gets easier and easier.

It is our duty as Christians though friends to help others find Jesus, so that they can have that rope thrown to them.


So we have to continually say no to greed, and with the help of Jesus Christ our mission to save others will flourish.

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