1 Corinthians 10:22…Do we provoke the Lord to Jealousy?

Trusting God takes away jealousy!

So friends, without Jesus in our lives that jealousy within us begins to brood and grow and before we know it we’ve got problems.

We left God from the beginning, from Adam and Eve. We began to love everything else in life, money, our neighbours (other people) just to mention a few, and we didn’t want to know God anymore. That is still true nowadays. Because of this God became very angry towards us full of wrath and jealousy. 

We can jot down lots of things that make us sinners, however we seem to forget about jealousy. Burning away at your soul as you sleep. When we put ourselves rock bottom of the pile like Jesus does, when we become selfless then the burning jealousy goes, or at the very least isn’t as much.

Offering yourself to God is the ultimate way to get rid of jealousy, and with Jesus this is always very possible. Yes, we backslide, but then straightaway Jesus reminds us of our ‘Great Commission’ and repenting and saying sorry to Jesus appeases God, and then something strange and wonderful happens, God’s wrath and jealousy towards us diminishes, and like looking into a mirror, ours does also. The burden of sin begins to lift from our backs.


The Rev. Billy Graham puts what jealousy is so well in his quote here.


When Jealousy becomes less in our lives what is left in us.

More Love!


Nice and clean again forever.

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May Jesus truly enrich your lives.



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