Cain slew Abel

This murder friends is one of the big evils within humanity. That intentional taking away of someone’s life. And where most of mankind is at fault here is not actually committing murder, but actually thinking it. The amount of times people have innocently said I could kill him or her sometimes in their life is quite staggering. This might have been said jokingly, or perhaps it was said without really thinking clearly, but it was said all the same! Cain slew Abel because he was jealous of his brother’s favour with God.

Jesus is your mate and friend for life. He will cleanse you of any murderous intentions you may have had in life. Once those murderous thoughts diminish, life begins to get easier and easier. How do I know this. God’s word in the bible tells me so. When you receive the love of Jesus Christ in your soul then is the time you begin to live life to the full. Something simple like I hate him or her is like a murderous thought as this sin comes in all forms and guises. So Jesus teaches us to love our neighbour, the antithesis of hate, murder and so forth.

Good people, God-fearing people have murdered. Let’s take Moses as an example.


Then Moses fled for his life after he killed an Egyptian!

Is that dimness within your soul beginning to lighten up. Are you able to see Jesus in your heart saying ‘don’t say those hurtful things and words’? That dimness is reducing because the shutters are being opened by yourself to let God’s light flood in. You may have said something like,

‘Jesus, I’m a sinner, help me to love instead of hate, I’m sorry for that hateful idea I had the other day, I’m weak but with you sweet Jesus  I’ve become strong. Even strong enough to help others. Amen.’

So that short prayer folks, if said and repeated enough times with sincerity can help Jesus remove ‘Murder’ from you.

Those murderous thoughts and ultimately actions which are in a real lot of mankind quickly ‘rot’ everything within man that makes him human. With Jesus in our lives though friends, this is not so. We begin to grow and get stronger by the day because of the nurturing Jesus gives to his believing flock.

The person that suffered the most through murder though folks as you know is Jesus Christ himself.


This sacrifice ultimately removes the sin of ‘murder’ from our minds forever. If it doesn’t, we still remain sinful murderers. Every time someone, maybe us also, looks the other way and even shrugs their shoulders when they see Jesus on the cross, that murder within us remains there again. He died on that cross for one purpose only, to save our souls, and take us to heaven with him. To look away from Jesus is just like slaying Abel with a brick!

We love the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ forever, no more murder, Amen.

Billy graham on murder :-

and my Christian audio website is :-

may the Lord Jesus truly enrich your lives….

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