Need For Inner Change
Thank you sweet Jesus for changing us inside. The light of your father, flooding out the darkness from all corners within our selves. The comfort of the Holy Spirit when we are hurting. Amen. (written 31st May 3103)

It can be hard, very hard in fact to change yourself for the good. Your physical body has a natural resistance to change! especially where Jesus Christ is concerned. Why? because Jesus has to help you get the sin out of your souls, and that’s not a very nice task to undertake. It’s like one of those horrible jobs that you keep on putting off. It actually hurts to cleanse yourself of sin. You begin to groan and moan like it’s painful to bend down and pick that piece of junky trash inside you which wants throwing out. It’s much easier to leave it there and let it become an obstacle for tripping over.

So folks, let’s let Jesus to help you tidy out that sin which is causing you so much problems. Read the Holy Bible especially the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and turn this :-


into this :-


Then the pathway to heaven becomes much clearer. Amen.

Billy Graham on sin:-

or please listen to some of my Christian Audios on :-

May the love of Jesus truly enrich your soul!


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