2 Corinthians 4:2…nor handling the word of God deceitfully…(KJV)

Another of the big evils in mankind is Deceit. (Mark 7 21-22)

This one is really common because it encompasses everything to to with lying or the lie. All of those little ‘white lies’, they are deceit. One of the big deceivers in the bible is when Judas deceived Jesus and sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver! Deceit is that dirty blackness within the sinners soul and every time someone lies the alarm bells ring and yet the person doesn’t leave the building, foolishly staying put, and letting the Devil stay in keeping the sinner company.

In the verse of scripture above, a good attribute the Christian has is when he or she uses God’s word truthfully, and doesn’t bend the Gospel message to perhaps line ones pockets, the Devil pulling them purse strings tight so that God’s word cannot be shared but used to fill the purse with more

money. This is like using God’s word deceitfully.deceit-2

Coming to Jesus is the best way to fight the sin of deceit. It’s like you are saying to your soul just wait there a min, I’m just popping out for a short while, I’ll be back soon, and while you are out you get on your knees and pray for Jesus’ help. Try not to lie, pray to Jesus and say something like,


Dear Jesus, please help me not to deceive, help me to speak the truth and get away from the sinners in my life where the deceit is just rife. It’s just spreading everywhere like wildfire. Be persistent, if at first you fail, and carry on lying, pray for Jesus’ help again, this will weaken sins resistance.

So the tug of love continues.


Dirt and deceit versus Jesus within your souls! The good news is Good generally wins, so sin will diminish and recede forever.

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May Jesus be with you in your search for happiness. Amen.


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