Again this is in the Gospel of Mark 7: 21-22.

It’s everywhere, and even more so on the internet. Sexually explicit material which causes such a great deal of harm to people. This big sin really is a brilliant way the devil gets access to people, and once inside the person’s soul it coats every other sin and the person whether they know it or not have got problems! Major sins like theft for example, many people know is bad and it is easy to ‘not steal’, however all that good work is undone by letting lustful media into the soul. It really, really catches many people out, and all of a sudden their defence mechanism becomes seriously weakened and flawed. (might even end up nicking something).


It’s so easy to pick on films which are full of sex. Seriously, most of the top stars have acted in them simply because they make money.It’s sickening, its destroying slowly but surely the love inside you and me, and we need Jesus to help us cast out that smut, that soul-destroying disease. There’s 377 instances of the word flesh in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, although all of these don’t point to ‘lust’. For example Mark 10:8…And they twain shall be one flesh…(KJV), which Jesus explained what should happen to man and wife, marrying and becoming one by joining together.

So our moral cogs begin to start working again, and we begin to see how hard it is in life to keep sexual material out! It’s everywhere, sex sells and makes people lots of money!


Look at those adverts on the TV. They are very subtle a lot of them, but there will be something sexual somewhere, which grabs the attention of the weak, vulnerable and worse the sinners that thrive on sex. They’re hooked, they’re addicted, they’ve got problems and the devil knows it. Those voluptuous ladies for the men, those muscle men with six packs for the ladies, and they are invited inside there lives, wreaking havoc.

All of these baddies can be categorised under the banner of Satan. He’s strong powerful and can be a she as well I believe, although the bible describes Satan as masculine. Folks there’s a great, great need for Jesus Christ to help people around the world to cast out smut and filth, it takes time and good Jesus loving Christians need to make these people aware that there is still hope of having a good life. Even love coming back into their lives. Can you become a Christian and help.


There are some great Christian organisations like :-

who can help turn your lives around so that you can help the needy in life,

my Christian Audio website is :-

where hopefully some Christian ideas may be obtained from.


May the love of Jesus help your quest for happiness.




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