Mark 6:42 …And they did all eat, and were filled…(JKV)

We all love to eat lovely mouth watering food! And when Jesus is the head chef how much more tastier we as Christians become. Jesus fed the 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes. Many people know, although thinking about it not many people know that the people didn’t actually eat the fishes and bread, Jesus was just making a point about the importance and value of spiritual food. The sort of food one eats through the doctrines and teachings of Jesus Christ, where some of the modern day sayings are  ‘Food for Thought’! If there’s about seven billion people on this planet, I reckon 6.75 billion would choose the above cakes, where maybe the remaining quarter of a billion would choose the Word of Jesus! The truth is not even 250 million people would choose the Word of God! This is so sad.


Would you rather open the bible and read a passage of scripture, or eat this beauty! Too many of these would eventually kill you, too much of God’s word isn’t enough. The devil kills, Jesus only loves! I can’t think what else to put on this lovely burger, with the sesame seed bun. So just hold out one of these in your hand in front of say 1,000 people, perhaps with a giant screen behind you, then start preaching about something like ‘The Prodigal Son’ and straight away 950 of them would be off like a shot down to W****S or M*********. Just a few would remain folks, and this is the truth, not many people are actually Saved. It takes true saved Christians like you and I to try and grow our organization of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Gospel Message.

The Son of God is always the answer, is always the key to everything!


Here Jesus blesses the food before he preaches to the masses. Remember this is God, Jesus is God. The people some 2,000 years ago that saw Jesus, actually saw God with their physical eyesight. However, something which is still very hard for people to grasp is the fact that Jesus, when he was resurrected, gave us the Holy Spirit. Jesus is in our hearts in the form of the Holy Spirit! Things are even more real, more better.


Jesus is the ‘Bread of Life’.

The ultimate Christian food. Very basic, not much trimmings or lovely best butter spread on it, or some beautiful sandwich fillings. Just Bread. 

May Jesus truly feed us everyday with the love and truth of heaven. May we be filled with the life giving force of the Holy Spirit enough to help us grow and prosper and help the poor in spirit find Jesus now and for ever more. Amen.

Some good Christian websites are Billy Graham at

I also do some Christian audios at my website, please feel free to drop in at :-

and may the love of Jesus truly feed you with heavenly things. Amen.




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