It doesn’t have to be from the cradle to the grave to be a true Christian. You can become a Christian any time during your life time, just be giving your heart to Jesus Christ. Remember though, how easy it was to find Jesus, you can easily lose him through backsliding, falling into bad habits, and leaving the Gospel behind.

With Jesus in your souls, this will be a marriage for life!


Nice smiling faces, and Jesus brings this if you want. Plenty of hugs and kisses from Jesus to all his flock. This is Christian Love. It rains all the colours of the rainbow with Jesus in your mind, all glistening raindrop which drench and water and moisten the spiritual garden of your soul. This actually does happen, keep reading the words of the bible, each word is a raindrop, never thirst again. So the sun is set for your life of happiness and this is made certain when Jesus is there!


Your garden of the soul becomes so clean and fertile, so tidy and in order, so everything you do is perfect because of the tidiness Jesus brings in your heart. You can start as a little child, Jesus teaches in a way that makes us happy. Happy Christian. The Holy Bible has all the answers, and each answer is perfect for every human on this planet. Every answer which God gives us is unique and works very, very effectively for you!


Christian happiness starts here. As Jesus prays to God, we pray to Jesus in a similar way. You can pray for Christian Happiness. None of the Christian Happiness can happen without Jesus. People know themselves what Jesus means to them. This is Christian awareness. If it’s good or bad there is still that ‘thing’ what to pray for. Why not? Give Jesus a chance and every time you back-slide and deny Jesus, that’s the sin at work in you. You can get it out. That old hut of a soul has become a wonderful palace, inside so white and clean, no graffiti, a new start, new Christian Happiness. Amen.

A great website folks that can help you be a Happy Christian is Rev Billy Graham at :-

I have some Christian audios feel free to visit at :-

May Jesus bless you!


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