The amount of times I’ve heard people cuss and swear and use the Lord’s name in vain during a football match. It’s quite staggering. Appealing to Jesus because the referee gave someone a yellow card, then appealing to God Almighty when it’s a red, and words I cannot describe when it’s a straight red. For sure friends, Jesus is definitely in the ball game, every time. And yet the irony is they don’t know who Jesus Christ is! Really ask the most basic of questions from the Holy Bible, and they will just stare at you like a deer caught in the headlights!

Quickly they will shout, banana shoot it in off the free kick with such passion for the game. People really do love football!


If only people around the world loved Jesus as much as they love football then the world would be such a beautiful place to live in! When a goal is scored their faces light up with joy. This isn’t very much though. Football teams don’t score that many goals in a season. Perhaps 60 or so, so if the person or supporter only sees 30 goals, that 30 times their faces lighten up. Less than once a week. How about 30 times a day one’s face lights up with Jesus Christ in our hearts, every time we pray and say, ‘we love you Jesus’, and Jesus straight away scores a goal for you! Fantastic hey, this is true though folks and fellow soccer supporters with just a little faith in Jesus he can score a goal for you in your soul virtually continuously!

jesus scores.gif

Goal!!!!! and the scorer is JESUS! How much does this talented genius cost? how many millions? the answer is Zero friends, Jesus is free to everyone.

It’s time to bring Jesus into your lives now folks, fellow football supporters and try your best to lock him in your soul, without a lock though, it can be done. And may Jesus be in your ball game now and forever more, Amen.

some great websites that can help Jesus score a goal for you is :-

you may also find something of interest at my Christian audio website at :-

May Jesus always be on your scoring sheet. Amen.


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