What happens in life is like desertion, everyone has gone there’s nobody there, especially in times of need when we are grief-stricken over something. Your friends have gone, nobody wants to get involved, and you realise that they weren’t your friends in the first place. So you are on your own with a feeling of sorrow in the pit of your stomach that makes you cry out.


You say ‘Jesus please help me’, and you realise that he does. He runs to his lost little lamb and brought you back to the flock on his shoulders. Why did he help you though? because in that moment of prayerful appeal, you actually meant it! You were sincere.

So Jesus got you out of that rut, and you got your life back together again. Everything is going fantastically well for you! Brilliant.


What happens next though folks? What happened during the Exodus of the Israelites leaving the bondage of Pharoah? Well to cut a long story short they left God. They deserted God! and this is why God is very, very ‘wrathful’ towards us. Such is the mercy of Jesus, we cry out to him in times of need, and he always comes running to our aid. We really don’t deserve Jesus’ love, and yet he never leaves us, why do we leave God? because we are sinners! We are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

So we are grief-stricken for the loss of a loved one, your friends have deserted you, and Jesus has inserted himself into your soul!

Jesus loves You.gif

What a fabulous friend Jesus is! Your grief has gone. You are successful again! Are you going to become like the Exodus Israelites again, and leave God because life is going well again. Or are you going to remain faithful to Jesus. The choice is yours.

Some great Christian organisations that can help you stay faithful to Jesus Christ are :-


I have my own Christian audio website at :-


please feel free to drop by.

May Jesus be with you in times of grief, then remain with you for eternity. Amen.


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