The team shirt is such a wonderfully woven fabric. It’s a royal set of clothes. They are like the robes of Jesus Christ. It is a fabric woven with the ‘Gospel’ twine of Jesus. It feels so good to wear these Godly clothes.

2 Corinthians 5:2…For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:…(KJV)

So this winning spiritually woven clothing which we wear is from heaven, the words which are God’s words contained in the Holy Bible, and the design can be any design which you personally like. Remember when Jesus was crucified , and the Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus’ clothes, it was just a plain seamless type of long vest, nothing fancy. However it was seamless, ie there was no beginning or end in the way it was made. This is like being clothed from heaven, eternity.

No more being nude, spiritually nude that is, knowing nothing, but being clothed like a king or queen,  and knowing everything that God wants you to know. And then that desire to go and help others motivates us to move forward in life.


Job done really. To win one soul causes much rejoicing in heaven, one lost soul that is.

Can you feel Jesus’ pain when them nails were driven through him into the cross? When there is feelings of repentance and deep sorrow for what our Lord and Saviour underwent for our sakes, then we are a ‘Winning Christian’.


So the suffering that Jesus went through to save our souls is finished, and we as Winning Christians are much nearer to God, even within the spiritual shadow of Jesus.

All that we need to do is give our hearts to Jesus Christ and it’s like we become apart of the twelve disciples team, going out into the world to win souls to God.


So giving our hearts to Jesus is the way Christians Win.


some great websites that can help Jesus manage your Christian team for you is :-

you may also find something of interest at my Christian audio website at :-

May Jesus always be on your winning Christian team. Amen.


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