Luke 23:43…To day shalt thou be with me in paradise…(KJV)

Hello Folks, this is all or little a person has to say to Jesus in order to enter into paradise. Lord remember me… this is what the criminal said to Jesus as they hung on their crosses! Even the worst sinners are shown mercy, if only they have the courage to ask the Lord for help sincerely. 

This malefactor, this criminal was anything but righteous, however he did posses one thing, without which there’s no way into heaven, ‘faith in Jesus Christ’.

All those ‘Good People’ out there, there must be millions if not billions of them out there in the big beautiful world, and yet if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ there’s no way in Christ’s heaven that’s for sure. The criminal got in the same day as Jesus!lord-mremember-me-2

All the above people, good law-abiding citizens, don’t believe in Jesus Christ, and won’t get into heaven, the criminal that hung next to Jesus did though, he just believed, but this is the good bit, at the very last roll of the dice, the last moments of his life, he asked Jesus to remember him and bingo, mercy, mercy, mercy, heaven opens its pearly gates. If these folks here asked sincerely, remembering they are good people, they surely would fly into heaven.

You see people can mock Christians like they mocked Jesus as he hung dying, and yet the Christians will enter heaven, not the mockers :-


It happens now in life, if we pray to God in public there are people out there who would deride us and laugh at us and mock us, and we just shrug our shoulders, we show them where the treasure is, we draw a map for them where X marks the spot, we even cup the diamonds in our hands and let them fall through our fingers. And still they laugh and mock, because of there unbelief. We feel so good though, we believe in Jesus, the mockers on the other hand are like what it says in the bible, outside there will be ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’. 


Jesus will definitely remember us though folks, and as we try our best to remember Jesus Christ in our daily lives, for all the good he does in the world, may he give each and every one of us that little bit of love that keeps us alive, now and forever. Amen.

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May the love of Jesus truly enrich your lives, he will never forget you!



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