This was a nice song from the 70’s, I think it might have got to no.1 in the UK pop charts. Them days though as a teenager I hadn’t really found Jesus. I don’t know, a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, with now knowing Jesus it’s more to do with a large stone which was rolled out-of-the-way of Jesus’ sepulchre, grave cave, tomb. 


It would have been nice to put a yellow ribbon, and roses and nice things around Jesus’ tomb, however this could not happen, Jesus had to be resurrected, he had to leave that earthly grave, and be the first into heaven. Nothing colourful, just grey rock. 

What Jesus went through, and I might put some butter on some toast and look at the granite grey reality what Jesus went through, makes me realise that we are very fortunate living in times like ours. Very, very easy.


Everything is fine now Jesus is in my life and yours, no need to feel bad about anything because Jesus says so, don’t worry. Being near to Jesus is everything. He makes everything right and good.

some good websites for finding Jesus

I have my own Audio Christian website which could help at

may Jesus put a nice ribbon on your soul because you are worth it. Amen.


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