This was from the Wizard of Oz sung by Judy Garland. Over the rainbow from the Christians point of view though is heaven. We imagine Jesus over the rainbow in heaven, and sometimes we find ourselves through faith imagining what heaven is like. But we have to return back to the reality to earth.

Dorothy clicked her shoes together and said, ‘there’s no place like home’, when she was in that strange land. Ourselves in this world can a lot of the time say, ‘there’s no place like heaven’, and we just put our hands together and pray to Jesus.

Nice heaven.


Every colour of the rainbow will be in heaven or no colour just beautiful whatever! If Jesus gives us an insight into heaven, that is our godly reward. I believe you can take ToTo into heaven as well, however this remains to be seen!

Actually finding the end of a rainbow and walking through it, those different haze of colours drenching us on this planet of ours, makes me wonder how warm it will be in heaven, not boiling not freezing, just right like Goldilocks’ little bear’s porridge.

Over the rainbow though has to be with Jesus.


As he leads us over the rainbow, as the little blue birds fly, why can’t I, you can, with Jesus.

A great Christian website that can help you get over your rainbow is :-

my Christian audio website is :-

May Jesus come into your life, ‘somewhere over the rainbow’, Amen.



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