104:10…He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills…(KJV)

People are so so dry out there. Their souls just cannot sustain life. They are on the point of collapsing. If they pray to Jesus sincerely for refreshment then Psalm 104:10 will be granted. Like standing underneath a cool waterfall being drenched back into life! Like drinking that apple juice from fresh apples just pouring it into your mouth all over your face mixing in with the waterfall coming down. Jesus is with us friends. That new fresh walk in life, where we are trained by Jesus to help others receive the same drenching of God’s word.

Our land does become very fertile,


a once dry and lifeless land, full of greed, lasciviousness, arrogance, violence. And we just obey Jesus’ small voice in our hearts, like Adam and Eve should have obeyed God’s, and Jesus tells us all the right moves to do in life. Just dipping in the bible, loving to read God words, even dare I say get addicted to God’s word. ‘Addicted to Love’ Addicted to Jesus Christ’ this is an addiction that only the very few elect are privileged to receive. 

The devil works on me I back-slide for a while, I’m weak, but finding myself quickly near to Jesus again without the devil anywhere insight is such a great feeling. 

I end up putting the TV on or something,


Football…I like supporting my home team a lot, what a waste of emotion!

I would love to keep cleaning my self with Jesus’ fresh truth, splash freezing cold water over me to waken me up! It’s ok to do your little pleasures in life though, in moderation they say.

Jesus says help me find my little lamb! Amen.

desert spring 4.JPG

A very good Christian website full of help and resources in your quest to get spiritually replenished is :-


My Christian audio website is:-


May Jesus find you his little lost sheep and lead you to fresh springs for ever. Amen.


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