Galveston, oh, Galveston
I still hear your sea winds blowing….
This beautiful song by Glen Campbell reminds me of a place where two lovers meet, and Jesus is always there. This is just my interpretation of events, associating beautiful tunes with Jesus Christ. Jesus is everywhere to the believing Christian, and with those sea winds blowing loved ones hair is a gem of fabulous beauty, and with Jesus present in our hearts I’m sure the two lovers will always re-unite both in this world and heaven. This is the ‘warm love light’ deal that Jesus gives his lovers I’m sure.
Link to Galveston song – Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell – Galveston galveston-2

Making vows on the beach with Jesus in your heart, mind and soul. That seems like ‘The Garden of Eden’ to me. And the best thing is there are millions of places around the globe that are just as beautiful as Galveston Beach! Anywhere where there’s you your love and Jesus!
The suffering leaves the soul of man I believe very quickly when Jesus has been invited in, and we can take love with us everywhere we go.
So sweet Jesus, thank you for Galveston, thank you for the countless other places in the world in which we live where love grows, and thank you for letting us forgiven sinners near you to experience the love of the Holy Spirit, in your sweet precious name. Amen.
Some good Christian websites are :-
my Christian audio website could prove useful at:-

And may Jesus be with you in your search for heaven! Amen.


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