It’s easy to see. We are all united through our common feeling of love we have towards our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. God bless BGEA and All. (25th Jan 2014)

After writing this statement some two and a half years ago now, it’s so true that no matter who we are in this world, as long as we love Jesus Christ, we are connected together by our feeling of love for the Lord Jesus!

It’s tough living life on your own, but Jesus is always there, your very best friend! he never leaves you alone, only occasionally if you want to for a while.


No more gales or storms, just united with Jesus and our loved ones forever, Amen.

Some great Christian websites that help people to unite in Christian love are :-

and my Christian Audio website is :-

May Jesus be with you when you unite with friends around the world now and forever more. Amen.


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