This can be just like back-sliding. Jesus pulls us upward and our laziness and lack of faith pulls us back towards the ground. If it is a ‘tug of love’ then we are lucky. We should allow Jesus to keep holding us and gently reminding us of our short-falling. Do we really give our hearts to Jesus when we forget a little and do things which aren’t really that ‘Gospel Proclaiming’!

Jesus really did give his all to God. Matt 26:39…and fell on his face…(KJV) as he appealed to God. Do we really do this. We may get on our knees, but have we ever really got down with our face towards the ground. This is the true tug of love practice I believe.


Can I get more like Jesus?  or back-sliding easy indulging…


This lovely food in front of me…perhaps if I just eat a little bit then I’ll pray and try to tug of love Jesus back again! Those heavens thunder, God is still wrathful! 

We should walk away from this indulgence. However, like the ‘rich young man’ who couldn’t give his wealth away to follow Jesus. It’s so hard to stop that ‘tug of love’.


It’s difficult for us, living in a rich land. So we continue with our tug of love, and we are very happy when we see Jesus pulling us up by our hands, and dusting us down , where we try our best and ‘Proclaim that all important Gospel message.

Thank you Jesus for returning into our hearts continually, and keeping us from the ravages of sin, in your sweet precious name. Amen.

A good Christian website is :-

My Christian audio website is –

and may Jesus be with you during your lifetime of ‘Tug of Love’. Amen.



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