…Don’t love me for fun girl, let me be the one girl. Love me for a reason, let the reason be love….

Another great song that was quite influential in my day was ‘love me for a reason’ by the Osmonds. A God-fearing family who are members of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints. This group of the Christian Church do a good job in my area, Stoke-on-Trent, England UK, where approaching people and introducing Jesus Christ in their lives can’t be that bad I believe.

The Osmond’s link to ‘Love me for a reason’ is :-

The Osmonds – Love me for a reason      let-the-reason-be-jesus-2

So the Osmonds point in this ‘boy band’ song is, if you are going to love me, let the reason be love, and not for a joke! The amount of times, and the divorce statistics prove this, that people get together for reasons other than love is obviously staggeringly high. I strongly believe that if people bring Jesus into their lives first then the reason why couples get together will always be because of ‘Love’, Jesus makes sure of this. Obviously, many, many, many people do not have Jesus Christ in their lives which is sad. I mean, it’s the individual that is angry, ‘not a happy chappy’, upset in life, the divorce consequences are numerous.

I don’t know, buy her roses mixed with ‘lilies of the valley’, I’m just trying to bring Jesus into the equation, and obviously at the wedding ceremony make Jesus central to all the vows. I wished it was that simple,then people would be much happier in life.


I don’t want to sound like a nuisance here, but it seems to me once people get together, and they didn’t have Jesus in their hearts before hand, it’s a little bit to late to start getting involved trying to get them to accept Jesus in their world. Why do I say this? well, because ‘love is blind’ and this makes people do stupid things. It’s much better to have Jesus in one’s heart from the beginning, letting Jesus bring the couple together! then everything will be alright. (marriage guidance counsellors and divorce lawyers would probably agree with this even though their incomes would dwindle!).

So, ‘LET THE REASON BE JESUS’. A nice song, and I like the work of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints. Amen.

other good Christian organisations which can help you love by knowing Jesus are :-


my Christian Audio website which may help in some ways can be found at :-


and may the love of Jesus be in your lives forever. Amen.


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