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Absalom’s tomb in arson attack

Hello friends, and one of the two resting places destroyed by arson fire was one of King David’s sons, Absalom.


A handsome chap on all accounts, who was eventually murdered by Joab. Some strange goings on went on during the reign of King David. Absalom was banished by his father King David for something known as fratricide, the act of killing ones brother, who was Amnon for raping their sister Tamar. It was a bit complex them days as King David had two wives, so there was a mixture of full brothers and half brothers and sisters!

So while Absalom was banished for five years, Solomon, Absalom’s younger brother was set to take over from King David who was getting old in years, and Absalom didn’t like that idea. So there was lots of hate and malice and slander. However, when the handsome Absalom met his death by Joab, against King David’s orders, King David was very very heartbroken at Absalom’s death.


So back to nowadays friends, the tomb which King David made for his son Absalom seems to have been arson burnt. Why? we don’t know! 

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and may Jesus help people safeguard these valuable relics from the past which do no one any harm and help us understand better God almighty. Amen.


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