This title friends I wrote due to reading Jeremiah chapter 19 which spoke about :-

1 The Potters earthen bottle

2 A place of hissing 

3. The message of the broken bottle’s

4. The people’s hardened necks.

So friends, when we know the truth about our selves, first of all we are not very happy about what we essentially are, sinners. And then when we realize that we have really been horrible towards God, then the anger of God upon us makes sense. So when you do something nasty to someone and they find out, generally what happens on our planet is they get some sort of revenge back on you. It’s a little bit like they’ve done this nasty thing to me, I’m going to do something nasty back to them. God is really like this with us, however, God really doesn’t mess about and is very wrathful against his unfaithful people.


In this passage taken from the Old Testament, people made sacrifices to other God’s, and not God almighty, and for this reason the almighty sends all sorts of plagues of anger on his people. The Potters earthen vessel was broken, which represented the people of Jerusalem and Judah. God ordered it to be smashed because of the sin his people were committing against him. People would see that the wrath of God had ‘hit’ these places, they would see that the people were cursed and being punished, and consequently would hiss as they walked past, (just like they did to Jesus as he hung on the cross). The people knew God was against them when Jeremiah broke the bottle in front of them, showing them that they are a broken people like the bottle, and God would destroy them.


It’s like they know they’ve done wrong, we know we are sinners if we are true Christians and understand there is sin in everyone. They have been caught in the act of sin or caught ‘red handed’ doing the wrongful deed, and instead of immediately saying sorry to God or repenting, the people harden their necks. This is just like sticking their fingers in their ears and closing their eyes as God watches them commit sin.¬†

We do it nowadays, this minute now. The person can say in their mind, ‘I’ve just committed this sin, I’m still here, God hasn’t struck me down or anything’.¬†


So you are a ‘house of cards’, and you keep taking a card away, until one day who knows, the whole lot comes tumbling down. (THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT).

With Jesus by our sides, that house of cards will stay up.

So, Dear Jesus help us to remain a good people, repentant of sin and an unbroken society and world. Help us to listen to your calling, and to remove the stubborn fingers from our ears. May God, sweet Jesus, give us his loving grace now and forever more. Amen.

Some other good websites friends that can help your relationship with God is :-

my Christian website where I have a selection of Audios to listen to is :-

and may Jesus help you carry your pitcher full of his spring water without any cracks now and forever more. Amen.


One thought on “People just stick their fingers in their ears.

  1. People want revenge when done wrong.

    Jehovah wants souls hearts corrected when they do wrong. Jehovah wants not just justice (not revenge) but hearts that are in tune with Him.

    Very good analogy though.

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