Acts 2:3 KJV
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

Praise the Lord. This is a well used Pentecostal saying, yet it is so so true. As soon as the Holy Spirit enters our souls, the demons, rubbish, sin everything that is impure leaves us, very similar to the steel making furnace process, where impurities float to the top of the liquid metal leaving, pure metal, gold whatever at the bottom, ready to be poured into ingots. Our souls a furnace, well for a while anyway, and when those tongues of fire have purged our soul, just a nice cooled down block of gold remains. Our personal treasure.

That ruggedness within our souls gone forever, that sin harassed out by God’s fire.

I sometimes open the door to my soul on purpose and sin doesn’t always rush in now. There’s easier prey I guess. A lot of the burning stuff in my soul has been burnt out, and it hurts like hell pardon the pun to begin with. Now it’s just the odd little grass fire that does me good, prepares the soil so to speak.

So thank you Jesus for those curling tongues of fire which cleanse us and help us spread the Gospel. In your sweet precious name. Amen.

Some good Christian sites are:- Billy Graham

My Christian audio website is:

And may Jesus truly enter your souls with tongues of fire. Amen.


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