Jesus clears the Temple


John 2:16…And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my father’s house a house of merchandise…(KJV)

How the economy can get intertwined with heaven in such a way that the vendors would set up their stall in a church if they could!

Obviously this is wrong friends, and Jesus shows us this when he chased everyone out of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem who were there solely to sell and make a profit. I’ve seen people in the market place, especially outdoor ones in the UK, and some of them to say the least aren’t that pleasant when it comes to buying and selling goods. Handing over notes and picking up in return some item they have bought. Some arguments breaking outing between sellers and who has the best pitches, so market police are generally close at hand and life continues. Where am I going with this. Well I suppose if people are prepared to trade inside a holy place or on holy ground they may think they will set up their pitch some place in heaven if in their mind they think they may make it to heaven ultimately. If this crazy idea was possible, which I’m sure it isn’t I reckon Jesus would run in his father’s house and do exactly the same thing. GET OUT!

Simply put there is a time and a place for everything, especially trade, and it’s a no no to sell and make a profit on Holy ground, Jesus makes this quite clear to his believers.

I believe there are a lot of people who would even in this day sell merchandise in a holy place if they could, so it’s important that selling stuff for economic reasons should be kept separate from anything divine, or else not only will you have the wrath of God on your back, but the very very rare anger of Jesus Christ also.


How many people would accept a Rolex watch if offered one in a church, at a very good price? Temptation! Lone sharks giving you a loan while you are both kneeling at the altar? Does this sort of thing go on? I reckon it did in Jesus’ day.

We are really lucky to have Jesus to remind us what is right and wrong when it comes to selling, and making your soul a ‘holy of holies’ should be all good Christians objective. It can be done through the love of Jesus, we are really lucky don’t you think friends.

Don’t forget it’s a dangerous world we live in where money is concerned and Jesus ultimately had nails driven through him for sins that WE committed.

So dear Jesus may you always keep your father’s temple clean and pure and free from abusive money rackets, and help us to keep the temple of our souls beautiful, pure and clean, now and forever more Amen.

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and may the love of Jesus keep your soul clean now and forever more Amen.



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