The Day of Pentecost

Acts 2:11…Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God…(KJV)

Hello Friends, I would just like to briefly talk about this passage ‘the day of Pentecost’ and how this day some two thousand years ago is very similar if not identical to nowadays, the only difference is the population of the world is something close to seven billion inhabitants, where in Jesus day only a fraction! 

So here we have the twelve disciples of Jesus, the Holy Spirit has descended on them, and entered into their souls, filling them with the wisdom of God almighty and the love of Jesus Christ, giving them the ability to start talking or preach the gospel in different languages, where the example above shows how Cretes and Arabians could understand what the disciples were saying as their languages was being spoken for the first time.

I think that as the disciples received those tongues of fire and as soon as the listeners heard for the first time their language being spoken, it awakened them like someone throwing a bucket of cold water over you.


What a shock to the system! A wonderful shock.

This is happening nowadays friends, through the numerous bible translations of many hundreds if not thousands of languages, some very small nation somewhere, perhaps in the far reaches of Africa, all of a sudden understanding the wonderful teachings of Jesus Christ, looking up to the heavens in complete amazement, feeling like being drenched in the beautiful cold water like a waterfall of God almighty. Truly breathtaking.


Whole villages being introduced to Jesus in their tongue all of a sudden becoming ‘on fire’ for more of God’s truth!

We need more people, like me and you, to help these people, hear for the first time about the wonderful works of God. Also folks, when the boots on the other foot our own people who have ‘overheard too much’ the word of God in their lifetime becoming immune to its wonderful meaning. You know friends it’s like the news on our media, after we have seen shock horror events like earthquakes, the first time we were devastated perhaps feeling helpless for the victims, and then years down the line we hear on the news about another earthquake, even on our own doorstep and our urgency and emotional response just isn’t the same, in one ear and through the other. How can we help those people who have lost their spiritual senses hear Jesus. It’s like the drugs don’t work anymore for them, and any more will just poison their system. It comes down to yourself, how can you help them to hear Jesus, or are they a lost cause, you have to answer that question yourself!

We can really help the world those seven billion people receive those Pentecost tongues of fire. Straightaway, all of those languages which as yet haven’t had the Holy Bible translated into their language, where as soon as it has, then that will be their ‘Day of Pentecost’. What a fantastic treasure they will find, not digging for treasure in the ground, but receiving the precious word of God to help those race of people ‘spread the gospel’.

So thank you Jesus for ‘the Day of Pentecost’, thank you for the printing press, thank you for computer technology, where even the illiterate can just ‘listen’ the word of God, Jesus’ sweet teachings, now and forever more. Amen.

One of the best Christian websites out there is :

my Christian audio website which could help is :

And may the love of Jesus give you the wonderful works of God now and forever more. Amen.


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