Hello Friends, so this age we live in, as we know, gets further and further away from Jesus our Saviour. The article below looks at how the pope recently said that Christianity had been taken hostage by materialism, from my point of view meaning that people idolize money rather than adoring Jesus Christ. Also as an antidote to the popes message, a Rev. of England supports the idea that the church is not dead, and is in fact thriving, with lots going on in our churches nationwide.


However, how true the title of this post is. People really do need to take Jesus in their hearts every day of their lives, and not just for Christmas. You know some chap digging his Christian suit out of the wardrobe and making it to midnight mass thinking, ‘I’m doing all right here, this is good Christian stuff’ then after smiling at the cameras and being blessed with the sacraments from the Archbishop of all people, walks home and conveniently forgets about Christianity until perhaps say ‘Easter’, where he may dig out his old suit again and attend Easter Sunday Service, sticking his chest out and thinking, ‘I’m a better Christian than you!’

Christianity is for life though friends, you know this I know this but getting the lost flock to hear Jesus’ small voice is so, so difficult. We keep on searching with Jesus though! Sometimes I could throw my suitcase on the bed, grab a hand or even an armful of Christian pamphlets and bookmarks and tracts promoting ‘The Gospel of Christ’, and do some sort of an aerial drop, getting into the hands of the lost, where they may as well land in the sea, the people wouldn’t give them the time of day unless they were ten pound notes or something. With a tenner they could by some nice food, some fast food, instead of the real food of the Holy Spirit that really matters.

So it’s Christmas everyday for us friends, where Jesus is born every second of the day constantly forever.

Christianity is for life, not just for Christmas


If you are interested in doing online Christian training a great website for this is below:-

Online Training


my Christian audio website is :-


and may the love of Jesus be with you and let it be Christmas every day of our lives as we proclaim his good news, now and forever more, Amen.


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