Has anyone kept their faith in Christianity?

Hello friends, I read this article in the British guardian news paper, where although the writer isn’t really a Christian, she wasn’t an agnostic (someone who believes you cannot prove that God exists) and she wasn’t an atheist either. However, the main point of her write-up is the fact that churches are getting less and less membership, and secularism is flourishing. The link to this sobering article is below if you would like to visit, very probably just confirming what you know already. What I would like to add to the title is: has anyone lost their faith without realising it? It’s like the parable where you sowed your good seed in your field, and at night the devil came long and sowed the weed seeds amongst your hard work. The devil is cunningly brilliant this is how he does it.

The cuckoo also comes along and lays an egg in your nest, resulting in the cuckoo chick pushing everything out, and you end up rearing an alien!

devil cuckoo 1.JPG


Keeping our faith in Jesus is of paramount importance, and I’m not kidding you. The time when faith can slip, and especially talking about myself, is when things are going well in life, or not to bad anyway, and then…..well just loosing sight of Jesus just for one minute, like you turned the bend, you saw a lovely shop and started window shopping, you could still hear Jesus calling you from around the bend, you just went to the other shop window, then the other, Jesus didn’t seem to be calling, you were preoccupied, you nipped into a shop, you bought something, and when you finally got out of the shop everywhere was dark, night time, and your heart misses a few beats like you are a little scared but you don’t know why….you are on your own…

Please finish the above scenario off, it is best if you do it.

If you are interested in doing online Christian training a great website for this is below:-

Online Training


my Christian audio website is :-


and may the love of Jesus help you keep your faith in Christianity now and forever more, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Has anyone kept their faith in Christianity?

  1. There were two men that traveled across Canada to find out why so many churches were dying.
    What they discovered was that the politically correct churches and the churches that taught customs rather than the Bible were dying.
    The churches that taught from the Bible were thriving.
    I see it in our own town.
    Very interesting eh?
    Those are great web sites.

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  2. Yes, very interesting. Teaching Jesus from the bible just fills people with truth and more importantly love.
    What sprung to my mind when reading your words was ‘people reason themselves OUT of heaven’- this is just purely lack of faith in people. It’s like Jesus tells them ‘there is the door to heaven, just open it and walk inside’, then the ‘fool’ begins to question and in the end they don’t open the door. I suppose the ‘fall of man’ was a similar disobeying questioning mind.
    Thanks again for good comment.


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