Luke 6:12…And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God…(KJV)

Working on the Sabbath was a no, no, and as Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, the Jewish hierarchy, went out to ‘get Jesus’. In itself, just doing good, and laws, rules regulations are so severe, you could lose your life. This sort of thing, atrocity, still goes on today, around the world, and we are very lucky in the main, keeping free from this in the peace of our land.

However, when things do go bad in our day and age, even in a relative way, great natural disasters spring to mind like volcanoes and tornadoes, and that devastation from the resulting consequence, not persecution by people but death caused by nature, what can people do to survive thus staying alive to help the vulnerable survive and find Jesus. Copy what Jesus did in Luke 6:12 where he continued to pray to God ALL night.

But what does praying all night to God accomplish? Well God through Jesus can help you change your attitude for the better.

jesus prays all night 2.JPG

Get tougher, get you in good shape to ‘fight the good fight’, and be in a good positive frame of mind to help the vulnerable out there. This is what Jesus did, with enemies everywhere! Absolutely courageous, brave, healing on the Sabbath! in front of the foe. Jesus gave us everything, eventually his life, and without a shadow of a doubt it was ‘praying to God all night’ that gave him this power, this energy.


So it’s there friends, one example of how to be successful, a winner in life. Follow Jesus, and when things really get tough,pray to God through Jesus, even holding Jesus’ hand All night. What fantastic power this gives us friends. But remember do this in times of great persecution, else just worshipping Jesus and receiving his love is good enough.

Everything begins to cool down sweet Jesus when we follow your example, the enemy just gives up and concentrates on the easier sinner out there, such is the cowardice of the devil.

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and may the love of Jesus be with you when things get tough in life, now and forever more, Amen.



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