Hello Friends, I myself am a strong Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is the way to heaven. However, anything, and I mean anything that can help us strengthen our faith, (including other faiths) I also believe we should bring on board. Paul in fact states this in his epistles, any way is the right way as long as we a for Jesus, we are not against him.

However, Judaism is right in the above newspaper article I believe. They do bring their faith right into their own homes, and us Christians should do this also. Personally, my church goes everywhere with me in the form of my Holy Bible, which is God’s Word. Most people definitely don’t do this though, and church is that building they may attend once a week, reciting the liturgy and thinking ‘I’m now in the presence of God’ then leaving that building with God in it until next time. What a shame, Jesus should go with them and walk by their sides all the time!


Reading the article for a second time (please click on the below link if you would like to read this Guardian newspaper article), there seems to be a belief that bringing God out of the church and into the home is like taking God out of the holy place and putting him (her) into a profane one. All along the church has always been the ‘people’, not the building or even the ordained ministers. If you like it’s like the sinners as we are all sinners who are profane by our commandments breaking are meeting up and going into a usually very nice religious building to do public worship by reading from a liturgical sheet or participating in ‘non liturgical’ cries of hallelujah or praise the lord at that type of service. So how true to Jesus we are depends on how profane our home is, and all of this started during King Henry VIII’s reformation, which basically took away the ‘idea’ that God was only to be found in the church and the ordained priests were the only way to get to him!


Anyway folks, let’s make our homes our own personal churches I say, you are worth it, Jesus loves you. And let’s ¬†walk next to Jesus every moment of the day.


Judaism brings God into the home in a way that Christianity rarely does


If you are interested in doing online Christian training a great website for this is below:-

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and may the love of Jesus be with you in your homes, now and forever more, Amen.



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