Mark 6:4…But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.(KJV)

Hello friends, I’ve always, always fell for this one, where I’ve done the same mistake over and over again, resulting in bumping into that brick wall time and time again, sitting on the floor, rubbing my head, sitting on my backside thinking what hit me! I still make this mistake but far less nowadays, because Jesus spoke to me in the above verse by Mark, explaining where I go wrong and the rest of the world go wrong also when they try to help people find God! It’s such a hard thing to grasp and understand, you are such a nice person, you do good, you help people, you are a tireless communicator of the ‘Gospel Message’, and yet people for one reason or another ‘hate’ you deep inside. They disrespect you, they dishonour you. This is important to note: they do this (a lot do I’m sure) at the back of their mind, they are too cowardly to tell you their true feelings. Folks, Jesus loves you that much he tells you what these people are thinking, because this is exactly what his own people did to him.


Friends, we need to give our selves a break, so that we receive honour and respect from EVERYONE!


Put a moat of water around ourselves, a bit like turning your nice self into a solid castle that can defend you emotions and feelings from the onslaught of so-called friends, relatives, loved ones. It’s ok, instead of close people, even people you don’t know from your neighbourhood who may come near to you, but with a ‘double mind’, you now know you get nothing but dishonour from home, go to them by first dropping the drawbridge! Gee, this seems long-winded, however, it does remind you that Jesus was not just dishonoured but ultimately killed by his own kind. This I’m sure will stop you running into that brick wall of your ‘own people’. I recently found out that a person I’m sure once liked me was in fact the opposite after for the first time in about seven years I decided to challenge him! I felt such a ‘sucker!’, but it was Jesus in a way that made me aware. And all that we have to do is remember that like Mark 6:4 tells us a prophet is without honour in his own country, by his own kin and in his own house…. I think it’s a bit like the saying ‘familiarity breeds contempt’, this fits in nicely with the way Jesus was treated.

Can you see how lonely it is though folks, you are in a castle on your own, with a mote around you as a shield of protection. We were born to ‘socialize’, and be among people. What is the answer? quite simple. JESUS! we each individually have to listen to what Jesus tells us. I remember, VE Day (victory in Europe the end of the second world war) even the future queen of England Elizabeth the second, secretly dressed up and left Buckingham palace to join in the celebrations. It’s nothing so drastic with us, it’s just occasionally, when we begin to flag, to weaken, to become stressed, mixed up, Jesus can say to us ‘right my loyal follower, friend, inside your castle, up with the draw bridge, relax, I have some wonderful news for you…..’

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and may the love of Jesus help you become aware of your home people slowly but surely dragging you away from God, now and forever more, Amen.


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