I’m stuck what to say Sally! Well, obviously Justin Welby, ArchBishop of Canterbury approves. Cobridge and Shelton are very high Muslim population towns. I’m still stuck what to say! Are churches, houses of God meant to support refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers. Actually, the answer is yes, but their spiritual needs, their Godly needs. Seriously though, from Allah to God in the blinking of an eye. You know what that means Sally, they’ll be off within the blinking of an eye also leaving an empty church. However, that’s not yours or mine or Justin’s or Theresa May’s fault, but the ‘fall of man’s fault’. I recently heard a pretty good sermon from an Indian man in a Methodist church where I shook his hand because he made such a good biblical teaching about Jesus! Praise the Lord. I do go to many different denominations though Sally, because where Jesus is, I am also. God bless.


‘This is what I’m meant to be doing’: the vicar welcoming Muslims to church



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and may the love of Jesus welcome everyone from every walk of life, now and forever more, Amen.


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