Mark 45 But he went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter, insomuch that Jesus could no more openly enter into the city, but was without in desert places: and they came to him from every quarter.(NIV)

Hello friends, this is such a wonderful revelation, that when you are feeling very lonely in life, and we all go through this, we all suffer loneliness from time to time, all that we need to do is pray for Jesus’ love to enter our souls and them fetters of loneliness shackles drops from off our back, neck, legs, arms, everywhere. And the above verse of scripture tells us and hints to us and shows us how this works. Jesus was forced into lonely outskirt areas of the towns he ministered in, in order to flee the enemy. Thinking about it friends, when things aren’t going well in your life, how many times do you find that your friends desert you, they let you down you are on your own. How many times has this happened to you throughout all your life. I know this has happened countless times to you because it has to me. It’s like you are among people, good people, your friends, and yet you think as soon as something goes wrong, they will one by one desert you until there is just you left. Never!


Jesus is always the last one to be with you. He never leaves! The Good Shepherd loves his little lost lamb too much to desert you. And this is how Jesus brings the true friends too your side. So when you are in your lonely place in life like Jesus fleeing persecution in very lonely and desert places where not many people go to, the true followers come to find Jesus from everywhere like the above verse states. Your friends will begin to find you and visit you from all over the world! Praise the Lord!


This isn’t luck that this happens friends, Jesus Christ is a certainty. It’s impossible to be lonely when we have faith that Jesus is the Way to Salvation.

Jesus isn’t nailed to the cross no more, he is free, he is in your heart embracing you because you asked him not to be lonely in prayer! Absolutely awesome.


No more loneliness friends, just leaping for joy for you and me, we are so fulfilled and happy with Jesus in our life don’t you agree?

So as Jesus healed the man with leprosy, he heals our loneliness too, and no matter where we go to, no matter where we are on this globe we are never, never lonely. Jesus is your friend for life, Amen.

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and may the love of Jesus be with you when you get very lonely in life, now and forever more, Amen.



3 thoughts on “When feeling lonely reach out for Jesus

  1. There were so many times in ministry that no one spoke English, there were no English speaking TV shows, radio stations or newspapers and I did not have the internet. Jesus was all I had. Am I ever grateful for that, it taught me to talk with Him every day.

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