Hello Folks, I thought I would just post the above newspaper article as the head this artist temporarily put on the statue of our Lord and Saviour was really ‘hideous’, and this was obviously some publicity stunt by the artist.

It’s just as well we live in these modern ages as this artist would probably been burnt at the stake or put on the ducking-stool at the very least for blasphemy. This leads me to briefly talk about the worlds ‘modern day attitudes’ towards Christianity, Jesus Christ and God, where obvious morals, virtues are through the window. Seriously, mocking Jesus isn’t new, they did it as he hung naked on the cross, and they’re doing it now, perhaps making a few dollars here and there. In fact this is a great example of how people ‘throw away their only hope’ of happiness in this world, by disowning the only person who can save them, Jesus Christ. I suppose the ‘good news’ that did come out of this story was the fact that the original head was returned and fixed back on to the statue body!

Baby Jesus statue’s head returned after orange replacement becomes a viral joke

If you would care to read this article about this odd head put on Jesus’ statue please click below:-


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and may the love of Jesus be always near the sinner out there, now and forever more, Amen.


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