Let us worship a golden calf, not God!

Hello friends, I was reading Exodus 32, where Moses was gone a while up mount Sinai talking with God, and the people down below getting restless at his absence, and from my point of view Aaron getting anxious that the people may ‘revolt’, so pacifying that possibility asked the people to donate gold in order for the calf of worship to to be cast and placed before an alter.

The verse from that passage that I choose where God spoke to Moses and said :-

Ex 32:10…Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them: and I will make of thee a great nation…(KJV)

So where are we at here friends? Well for us believers in Jesus Christ, we are in a ‘great position’ as to non-believers as we know what is happening giving us the chance to do something about it. We are that people in a way, gee I like material wealth which is similar to idolising riches in our modern day and age, I like money in my pocket, I love it, like when the people danced around the golden calf like it was God. It was Moses that stopped God crushing them, Moses also crushed the golden calf to powder and made them drink it. Moses saved his people from idolising material wealth, just like Jesus has saved us from the wrath of his father God in heaven, by pleading with his father and saying, ‘forgive them father for they know not what they do’

God wants us gone friends. Yes he’s loving. all loving, but we’ve gone back on our word that many times he’s sick of us, he’s had enough of the no hopers out there, he just wants his loving children to bring them home to his beautiful palace. This is where we hold Jesus’ hand, not God our father, where through his mercy, we will surely enter into paradise.


It’s so difficult for the drug addict to ‘break the habit’, and only the strong do so and survive. It’s so easy for us to get closer to God by being strong and choosing Jesus instead of glistening gold and sparkling diamonds.

So friends, what do you say? 

Money or Jesus.

Let’s regularly pray to Jesus, let’s regularly stay together.


Just simple prayers throughout the day is enough.

When you are at your busiest, in a room full of noise when our minds are full of whatever we can turn to Jesus and say, ‘well Jesus we’re still here together’. Praise the Lord.

my Christian audio website is :-


and may the love of Jesus help us all to worship the true God, now and forever more, Amen.


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