I am not a sinner!

        Eaton’s Bible Dictionary

The moral character of a man’s actions is determined by the moral state of his heart. The disposition to sin, or the habit of the soul that leads to the sinful act, is itself also sin (Rom. 6:12-17; Gal. 5:17; James 1:14, 15).

Hello friends,

You know, I know and Jesus knows that we are all sinners. But the majority of the world out there are in denial,

I am not a sinner b.JPG

no way are they a sinner, and people like us want our heads examining and staying well away from them. Getting out of that denial attitude is key to finding Jesus or finding ones pot of gold in life whatever that may be. It’s like a lot of these ‘help’ groups around the world, like alcoholics anonymous start off by saying in the group before they start to see ‘hello my name is whatever, I’m an alcoholic’, therefore if they admit they have a problem then they have got something to work on which they can hopefully resolve one day. People who don’t admit in public that they are alcoholics are destined to fail in their bid to become ‘clean’. Likewise, as soon as someone says that they are not a sinner, are going to have problems when it comes to mending their ‘spiritual disease’ caused by their sinful behaviour which they are in denial with. 

The above friends can be a little hard to understand for most, basically because there are three or four important steps to grasp, and if one doesn’t see a step clearly then the whole picture or objective becomes clouded. We as Christians know these steps because this is what Jesus teaches us, however for the ‘newcomer’ who wants to find Christ then these beginning days for them need to be crystal clear. So ‘we are all sinners’, this is fundamental to believe, and if the person’s mind is saying no, no, no to this important fact, they are destined to be ‘like the seed sown on the rocky soil’, where their belief will soon perish at the first encounters of persecution. So that person needs to say between themselves and God ONLY! ‘Hello my name is whoever and I’m a SINNER’. What a great prayer for someone to start off with, Amen! 


However, another important point to grasp on one’s journey to salvation is, the above is for people who want to go to heaven with Jesus Christ by their side, where this is the only way. Quite sever for most to accept, but once accepted what a beautiful life the Christian will lead. Amen.

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and may the love of Jesus help you to know that ‘we are all sinners’, and that’s where the road to our ‘spiritual recovery’ starts, now and forever more, Amen.I am not a sinner!





One thought on “I am not a sinner

  1. Todays mantra is:”Not my fault, it is ______________ fault (society, poverty, just fill in the blank) and they get away with it. That is one major reason most folks today are immature. They have not grown up to take responsibility for their actions.

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