Luke 18:22Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me…(KJV)

Hello friends, I concentrated my post today by concentrating on the word ‘follower’. What is a follower? Are we really true followers? The answer is No, a resounding no we are not. I chose the above title because I did quite well for about ten years without a car, I cycled, caught buses, walked, jogged.

Then a few years ago I decided to buy a car again and thinking about the above verse of scripture taken from the gospel of Luke chapter 18, which is about the rich young ruler, who walked away sad from Jesus knowing he would not do as Jesus told him, ‘give up’ his wealth and follow him. It’s like we follow Jesus in this westernised high-tech world we live in, where I’m sure Jesus would be sad at how easy we have it, and more precisely how easy we get distracted on the computer and do other things. The good old days have long gone, in England, Staffordshire during the extended family years of the 20’s and 30’s where grandparents, parents and children and grand children lived under the same roof, and the little ones would help granddad to get about probably suffering with arthritis or some common ailment of the yester year period. Them days were ‘golden days’, where the young were nurtured to expand their mind and use their imagination a lot! Jesus silently approving I’m sure as stories were read aloud and the whole family sat huddled around the log/coal fire listening to the old bakelite radio, maybe to some ‘family favorites’ station, with a hint of Jesus especially around Christmas time.

Nowadays, Xbox, kids playing games, struggling how to spell at school needing to ‘Google’ everything. And some of those ‘x’ rated games on the market, Jesus would bury his head in hands I’m sure. But to follow Jesus. How to fight all of the anti – Christ people and things and teachings and….It’s not to late to sell everything and follow Jesus. It can be done. You see friends it all starts as that small seed of faith in the garden of our souls, growing into a huge tree of life’ our life, and we are ‘aware’ that to get closer to Jesus we need to ‘sell up’. Let’s give up something for Lent! That’s your personal choice. Give up something that just gets you a few millimeters to Jesus, not much but closer, definitely closer, an accomplishment that not many people ever get near. Getting nearer to Jesus though is definitely the right direction to follow him I’m sure. Oh what fantastic and pure joy, beauty and grace to follow Jesus and more importantly for the follower being ‘led’ by the one and only God. And then, well nothing to really shout about, just being true followers of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Everything is all right now friends, Jesus is calling, and we can hear him oh so clearly.

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and may the love of Jesus help you give up what material possessions that you have and give to the poor then receive treasures in heaven, now and forever more, Amen.


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