Mercy on Judgement Day.

Mercy on Judgement Day.

I started this post right here without first doing the title, why?

well really there is no magic formula which people can use to find Jesus and salvation and glory! It’s all down to the mercy of God whether we attain heaven. We have to really hope and pray on Judgement Day that Jesus is by our side don’t you agree! So I’ll call this post, ‘Mercy on Judgement Day’.

Luke 1:50 And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation.

What is fear

Of course we should really fear, as in frightened, God, as he has the power to do to us what ever he pleases, our life is in his hands, however, fear definition in Luke 1:50 simply means respect. We just need to respect God ALWAYS, from generation to generation, this way mercy will surely be ours although we certainly DO NOT DESERVE IT! 

mercy 1

I’m confident enough to say ‘I’ll make it to heaven, no problem’ however when I do just take a moment and think what if I MIGHT not get to heaven! then this inner core of faith which fills me somehow causes me to grasp my hand tighter, holding on to Jesus Christ, and the best thing about it is ‘he doesn’t mind!’.

Are you worried yourselves friends?

How about yourselves friends, do you ever doubt your salvation and forget that we need God’s Mercy to make it, and what if he doesn’t grant us mercy. A sobering thought. We has Christians though, and true Christians at that don’t have to ponder too long about the ‘unthinkable and hell’ happening when our faith somehow, and beautifully so gets us back on that ‘narrow pathway that leads to heaven’, where we just dust ourselves down and look around us to see if there is anyone else we can dust down also.

mercy 3.JPG

The robber next to Jesus was forgave and shown mercy by Jesus, he believed that Jesus was the ‘son of God’ and it’s as simple as that. 

What fantastic Mercy.

May the mercy of Jesus Christ live with you now and forever more. Amen.

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Jesus orders you to ‘Proclaim the Gospel’

Jesus orders you to ‘Proclaim the Gospel’

Hello Friends, after reading the passage on how Jesus removed the ‘devil’ out of a certain groups of people, and how these demons went into swine which plunged to their deaths, I pondered and thought about how I might write this short blog about Mark 5: 1-21.

Jesus cast out demon 2

It became apparent that the best verse was :-

Mark 5:19 Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.

love-sick teenager

I put myself in the place of that demon possessed man, and yes for sure I would be running after Jesus, and really just following him like some love-sick teenager, who as got the ‘hots’ for their first boyfriend/girlfriend, really doing nothing, being fruitless in life, then Jesus turns around and looks you straight in the eye and says

…’Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.’,

a little bit like a young pup following you everywhere you go and really you need to shoo the pup away to go back…But it’s for the best, Jesus loves you, that’s why he shooed you away, like the mother and father bird frantically calling for the chick/ fledgling to leave and fly the nest and take that first leap of faith!

you are in LOVE with Jesus Christ

So you go home crying! then something amazing happens, Jesus comes to you in your dreams and says, ‘I love you, I will be with you forever!’. You wake up the next day, and you can’t believe it, you are in LOVE with Jesus Christ, and you never want to leave him.

That’s your revelation friends

So proclaiming the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ is really what we Christians live for, don’t you think, don’t you agree friends. Friends, remember one point I would like to make here as well, Jesus says go and tell your ‘friends’ what great things ‘I’ have done for you. So you go and tell ‘your friends’ and you then feel deflated, down in the dumps, upset, not happy. Why? You have just found out that you haven’t got many true friends, they were just acquaintances at best, who only mocked, scorned and ridiculed you like they did Jesus during his ministry. That’s your revelation friends, the fact that you haven’t got many friends, however, if you are very lucky you may have a couple, but for sure you have always, always got one friend, Jesus.

pathway that leads to heaven

Isn’t Jesus fantastic though folks, he shuns you in public, this protects you from the ‘sinners’ out there that may cause you harm, he loves you in your dreams, where you are nice and privately safe, and he answers your prayers and helps you find true friends on this planet, and there are lots of them that follow Jesus on that narrow pathway that leads to heaven.

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and may the love of Jesus cast out your demons in a gentle way like when he brought the lost lamb back to safety across his shoulders. Now and forever more, Amen.