Just reaching out to our heavenly father is truly a wonderful experience don’t you think. When the power of God his you, and you just stand there speechless, you just know that Jesus Christ our Saviour has just touched you! Awesome!

The Book of Mormon works in parallel with the Holy Scriptures, they are the word of God. But folks as some of you are very aware, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Gospel over the centuries has been distorted, changed, and is only now a former shadow of itself until the coming of Joseph Smith back in 1805. This amazing prophet Restored the Gospel of Jesus, and now we have a new and true church, as real and fantastic as back in the days of Jesus’ ministry on our earth!

The book of Mormon doesn’t cost much, and if you read it and ask heavenly father if it is true then you will be blessed with your own personal revelation. So please give it a try, and if all goes well then join the one and only true church, The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints.

God bless, Stephen.


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