So as well as using the Holy Scriptures, the Jesus Christ Church of Latter – day Saints use the book of Mormon as well. In fact the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.Where the holy scriptures can be seen as ‘a witness’ of God and Jesus Christ being true alive real and in your hearts if you just believe and repent, we have two witness, the other being the ‘book of Mormon’, which again is the word of God, and thinking about it in life on our planet, don’t you agree that two witnesses are better than one! Of course they are.

I must say at this point, to become a member of the Mormon faith is the most important decision anyone can make, and it does take a lot of personal committment, bravery and heart to make that all important commitment to join. With me though it was simple, Jesus Christ let me know through one way or another that this was the correct church for me to settle down with. It could be yours to! I’ve heard peoples testimonies stating that the only thing they regretted about becoming a member was the fact that they wasted ten years sitting on the fence, leaving the decision until tomorrow, or just putting the pamphlet that the missionaries gave them in the top draw, or even the bottom one. What joy they received when they were baptized into the church. Fabulous!

Just become interested I say. Visit a couple of times, Even, read the book of Mormon, and your blessings will start right there!



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