I mean, the first prophet of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day saints was Joseph Smith born in 1805 and some twenty five years later, the Book of Mormon was first published.

But why is it the modern great faith like the title suggests?

Well first of all, Mormons believe in two sets of holy scriptures. The Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. That really is ‘good news’! and like the Book of Mormon says on its front cover, it’s :-

Another Testament of Jesus Christ. and very quickly when you read this sacred book, and pray to our heavenly father to ask whether what you have read is the truth, then the holy ghost fills your soul. Not so if you don’t believe though! A bit like the gospels, if you read the words of Jesus, and they don’t speak to your soul as you ponder those divine words, nothing happens, zippo, zero, nothing, or maybe some anti-christ reactions.

There’s really no danger, worries or anything like that if you believe in Jesus Christ though. The Book of Mormon speaks to your soul, like Jesus speaking to you face to face some two thousand years ago when he walked in Israel! When you read both the Book of Mormon and the Holy Scriptures they go together hand in hand, and help the believer to receive the ‘restored’ gospel in it’s fulness, meaning Joseph Smith has brought back the true church in our modern times like when Jesus preached the good news when he ministered in Israel over two thousand years ago. The apostacy which began when Jesus was crucified, and continues more so in our day and age has really destroyed the truth of God’s word, forming all kinds of weird and down right ‘dodgy’ beliefs that border on hypocritc twisted lies and beliefs. Not any more though, and Joseph Smith saw this problem and remedied it some 200 years ago now.

My nights turned so pleasant and warm and holy when I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints, however, if I could persuade you to find your nearest chapel and ‘investigate’ this new phenonema, please give it a try, you never know it may be what you’ve been looking for all these years.

The Book of Mormon


May the love of Jesus Christ be in your souls forever. Amen.




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