The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints believe this, Jesus Christ and more specifically the ‘atoning sacrifice’ of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect and part of our faith which people must grasp, in order not just to make it to heaven, but to get any where near God our heavenly father.

We have the most beautiful and perfect map to follow in order to get to heaven, called the ‘Plan of Salvation’.

This plan can be yours viewers who are new to the Mormon faith! Please consider visiting one of our many chapels dotted around England and the world. You will be made most WELCOME, and our missionaries will be delighted to give you a copy of ‘the plan of Salvation’ booklet for you to read, ponder and decide whether or not this fabulous church is right for you.

So go on, give it a go, and you could be on the journey of a lifetime! Jesus Christ loves you friends. God bless!


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