God is our sword.

God is our sword.


Hello friends, I wrote this on Friday 20th April 2012,


Not a lot as changed over the last five years, just closer to Jesus of course!

Today’s devotional

God is our sword

Hello friends,

It’s a great comfort to know that God our Father is our sword in times of trouble, in times of attack from enemies who wish us doom. God through Ezekiel chapter thirty-five verse five tells us, who believe in his son Jesus :-

Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:

Ezekiel thirty-five verse seven:-

Thus will I make mount Seir most desolate, and cut off from it him that passeth out and him that returneth.

Friends, summing up god’s words above, those who slay god’s children will be slayed likewise, and worse. It’s nice to know friends that god is our spiritual ‘armed forces’, and on the last day Armageddon is the battle field, where we’ll be safe at the back, in the rear with the love of Jesus, and Holy Spirit comfort.

god's sword 2

Friends, I believe that we wave palm branches singing hosannas to Jesus as he enters the kingdom to save us from our sins and lead us to heaven. On the other hand god our father waves the sword of his word at our enemies who try and follow us into the land of milk and honey, wishing us illness and plotting our destruction.

God’s sword will cut the weeds down friends, on the Day of Judgement, and our fruit and flowers will be left, reaped and gathered for heaven by Jesus’ angels at his second coming, appearing on the clouds friends, for us to see.

I believe friends that the angels will dig down to our roots on the ‘Day of Judgement’, our soul, where our whole heart, mind and soul will rejoice in heaven. Friends, it won’t concern us because we will be in heaven, the point being the weed’s evil roots and soul will be cast into hell also.

Thank you Jesus for giving us the word of god’s sword to protect us, giving us a clear and safe pathway into heaven.

Thank you sweet Jesus.


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and may Jesus give you the sword of his father to defend the vulnerable as we wait for salvation, now and forever more Amen.


Jesus is always near you

Jesus is always near you


Jesus is always near you.


Paul the Apostle wrote many epistles to his followers and loved ones which can be seen in the New Testament, and what always struck home with me was the fact that Jesus Christ was always close to him. I know Jesus is always close to his believers, however with Paul’s letters this is reinforced into our souls every time we read his God inspired words.


Jesus is always near you through his stories and parables, and with me the Good Samaritan


always reminds me of how Jesus Christ always in times of need, like when the beggar was beaten, robbed, left for dead, and none would help him save the Good Samaritan, a ‘people’ that were despised by nearly everyone just like Jesus was despised by nearly everyone, stopped to save his life!


You know friends, all of the times that we have been like that beggar, not literally of course, but times like when we scraped our knee as a kid, or times when we encountered our first close bereavement, virtually everyone passed me by except Jesus. Mum put the plaster on, Jesus stayed by your side too, until those sniffles and cries stopped and turned to laughter.


Jesus is always near friends, and always will be.

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and may the love of Jesus be always near you, now and forever more, Amen.


The Poor have the Gospel.

The Poor have the Gospel.

John 11:5…The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them…(KJV)

This passage friends is another powerful one, full of the words of Jesus Christ. Jesus telling John’s disciples to go to tell John who was currently in prison at the time, and explain to him what Jesus Christ was all about!

I mean that passage is full of Jesus’ truth, but the part verse that struck home with me is …and the poor have the gospel preached to them…(KJV). This really is what Jesus is all about I believe.The majority of the world is poor, really very very poor, and what better remedy is there than to have the ‘Good News’ of Jesus told and taught and preached to them through teaching methods like the Parables of Jesus, striking home those biblical truths to those lost and lonely souls out there, edifying their soul, like it did with me back in the year 2,000, cleansing me of a lot of confusion and clutter in a spiritual way.

When that Gospel enters our hearts it’s not food going into our ‘guts’ our belly, our stomach, that’s the food we need, but the good spiritual food of Jesus’ good news that himself our Saviour as finally come to rescue us, some 2,000 odd years ago and yet even more alive in his believers due to the great comforter, the Holy Spirit, calming us soothing us and being our daily bread, making us strong, strong enough to help our fellow citizens take a round or two and feed them until they are strong enough to take Jesus’ bread themselves, soon finding themselves ‘hooked’ on helping others, our fellow brothers walk together as one live group, what a society, what a beautiful people that is friends. And the best thing about it you and me are part of that ‘happy people’.

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and may the love of Jesus help you receive the Gospel in your hearts now and forever more, Amen.

Bill,budding trees and Jesus

Bill,budding trees and Jesus

Hello Friends,

I wrote this short story along with a few others about five years ago now. ‘A series of Bill trying to find Jesus’. Hope you enjoy it!


Bill, budding trees and Jesus

The summer wind blew in England, and the Peacock butterfly landed on the garden shovel which was protruding from the garden’s soil. Bill sat down with a lady and her elderly mother who she cared for, under a budding tree, the picnic hamper placed neatly on the multicoloured blanket. Bill had just earlier run to her aid as she stumbled and nearly fell on the ground as she tried to close her daughter’s car door. The kindness that the daughter showed Bill seemed to envelope the budding tree along with the three of us with the Holy Spirit and Jesus was just beyond the tree watching, like a shepherd watching his lambs make their first steps in the field. They seemed to be a very quiet couple, and Bill was pleasantly surprised to see a copy of the Holy Bible inside the hamper basket.


Baked bread of Jesus.
The crusty bread smelt beautiful as the old lady spread best butter on a slice, and it had just obviously been baked as Bill’s mouth began to water. Jesus is the bread of life Bill thought, and the Holy Spirit was certainly comforting the three of them. Bill was aware that during the Exodus of Moses’ time the ‘children of god’ the Israelites ate unleavened bread, or put another way it was baked without yeast. When the good seed which was ground to flour was risen with yeast, the yeast is symbolic of ungodly teachings. Bill knew it was ok to eat this beautiful freshly baked bread; he then quickly glanced at the old lady’s bible, and concluded that this bread had been raised with the word of god’s yeast. The bees hummed in the budding tree above, and the three of them sat in peace and tranquility, and Bill felt the reassuring smile of Jesus.


Demons ‘get out’.
Bill took a chance with the nice couple and spoke about his past problems and how demons controlled his life. He took out his electric bible and explained how god leads him to specific verses in the bible, words of god which counters the devil in him. Jesus led Bill to first John chapter three verse eight and proceeded to read this out to the daughter and mother…He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Bill explained that Jesus’ love cast the devil out of him. Bill lived a diabolical adulterous life. He gently looked up and smiled at the pair who were obviously by their kind looks, sympathetic towards Bill. Bill had nearly finished his glass of lemonade, and watched a bee land on top of the glass looking for the sticky sugar substance. “So that’s how Jesus came into my life. Would you like to share any testimonies?” The mother took a deep breath and began to speak. On one beautiful spring day as she took her golden retriever for a walk, she read a story in a magazine about Adam and Eve, and how Eve was duped by the snake into becoming disobedient to god our father. She had just come of age, and realised that the devil had been deceiving her in a variety of ways, one of them being her mistaken love for her fiance who was cheating on their relationship with another woman, and became sexually promiscuous and immoral. He just used her, and a tear rolled down the elderly mother’s cheek. She vowed to love Jesus from the day she read that biblical truth inside that magazine as she sat on a bench near to that summer budding tree similar to the one they were sitting under now. Jesus helped her to cope with the loss of her first love, and in times of temptation always recalled how Eve was deceived, and how she lost paradise through disobeying god. She recalled how the auctioneer rapped the gavel on his podium and said, “The figurine of Jesus and the lamb across his shoulders is sold to the lady with the lemon coloured top.” As she carried her Jesus away, spoke to a nice gentleman, who later became her husband and late father of her daughter who shed a tear also. His first words were, “That’s a beautiful figurine of Jesus, I nearly brought it myself.” The elderly mother sighed as she remembered his charm and Jesus in her hands.


Duty to care for vulnerable.
As the three of them sat, picnicked and reminisced, Bill made a silent prayer of thanks to Jesus, and listened for some divine response from god. The young daughter said a few words after her mother had said her testimony, and made it clear that she thought it was her duty to look after her mother in her time of old age and frailty. Bill quickly checked his electric bible for the word ‘duty’ and its verse and was led to Luke chapter seventeen verse ten, and after reading the passage said, “After we have done our duty whatever that maybe it’s important not to want or expect payment for our work or services. It’s best to view it more like a labour of love.” Bill then read out the above verse which read :- So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do…”I do count my blessings everyday,” said the daughter. Bill dabbed his handkerchief around his forehead has the summer heat caused him to perspire. He was offered some cool lemonade which came out of a flask that had ice cubes in it as well. Bill sipped the freezing cold fizzy drink, and looked at the blossoms on the tree which the bees buzzed around. Bill in a state of comfort and joy said, “The first commandment of god is to love god with all of your heart, mind and soul. That really is our major duty, and expect to be unprofitable servants for doing so. Do it for free in other words, love our lord god for free, an unconditional love. When people say I don’t love you anymore because of not meeting a certain condition, then it’s like the apostles saying to Jesus we want you to pay us for carrying out your father’s commandments. As soon as they say that it ceases being a labour of love and becomes a labour of paid work. As soon as the money stops it’s like the apostles stopped working for Jesus and left him. So from the above verse god tells his people to say, we are unprofitable people we have only done god’s will. We work for free.” The two ladies seemed very interested and pleased to listen to Bill’s beliefs and philosophy’s. The sun at midday was high in the sky.


Nails in Jesus. 

Bill seemed at ease during the picnic and the women were so welcoming that it was easy for Bill to speak about his past problems and later how Jesus saved his soul from the self destruct button. The final nail was nearly hammered into his coffin Bill said, then his divorce from his wife seemed to prevent that nail being hammered in. The old lady poured Bill a cup of warm tea from the hamper’s flask, and looked on in sympathy as Bill continued. “It all happened very naturally and quite quickly where I became close to Jesus day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.” The daughter said, “Yes, my encounter with Jesus came from the Jesus hymns we sang at school. The nails that went through his hands and feet affected me as a child, where the crucifix of Jesus on the cross and the blood coming from the nails made me weep.” She was very sorry in her attitude and sniffed as a few tears came down her face, the biscuit still being chewed in her mouth. “It was very nice to be able to talk to someone like yourself Bill about Jesus, and how he influenced yours as well as our lives,” said the daughter. The wind stirred the tree tops and the budding tree they were sitting under seemed to make a gentle soothing lullaby sound for the three of them as they shared their testimonies and united in fellowship’s brotherly love. They all went quiet as they listened to a song thrush high in the branches and were happy for the break in the conversation to reflect on what had been said. The north wind blew gently causing the red tulips to sway with the green grass in their background. Bill was the first to talk again, and as he closed his eyes said a prayer, “Dear Jesus, thank you for giving your love to these two lovely ladies and myself today, in this beautiful garden which is only as close to Eden when your heart intertwines with our souls. Please give us the strength of the Holy Spirit in order for us to live for you and our fellow-man for now and eternity, Amen.” The two ladies responded with Amen also. The daughter suggested they all go for a gentle walk in the nearby meadow which she knew quite well as a child, and her mother agreed as she seemed to be very energetic and full of enthusiasm for life after the lovely food and conversation.

As they walked along the river side, the sun shone brightly and the temperature was a hot twenty-five degrees centigrade. The pathway was good and strong where the elderly mother held onto her daughter’s arm. The cattle in the field came close to the pathway which was fenced and looked at the three of them and carried on munching the green grass. The frail old woman said, “When I talk about Christianity and Jesus I like to start right at the beginning of the Holy bible, the book of Genesis. I like to talk about Adam and Eve, then Noah and the ark.” Bill agreed that was a very good place to start, and also added the Gospels are a good place to start in the New testament as well, with the birth of Jesus, the cross and resurrection. The budding tree they picnicked under looked like a small shrub in the distance, and Bill focused the conversation on the book of Genesis for a while. He listened for Jesus after making a silent prayer to him. “Oh look at the lovely butterflies,” said the elderly lady. Bill heard Jesus say ‘give’, which had such a large variety of meanings in different situations. Through Bill’s electric bible he was led to the book of Genesis, chapter two verse twenty which read… And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him… Bill said to the elderly lady, “It was Adam that named this beautiful insect, and god gave Eve to him to help him do these things.” The butterfly opened and closed its wings and fluttered onto a daffodil. The yellow of the blossom, and the predominantly red of the insect, the sun making these two primary colours so vivid and bright. “Yes, Adam and Eve became one flesh.” The light of god flooded through the budding trees as Jesus’ love filled all three of these children of god. Their souls were destined for heaven on the ‘day of judgement’. “I wonder if the butterflies will go to heaven?” enquired the daughter. Bill didn’t say anything but nodded and smiled. “If your heaven has butterflies in it then butterflies there will be in heaven,” said Bill, and all three were walking very happily in god’s paradise.


Bill heard Jesus talk to him, urging him to receive grace and hospitality from the two ladies by explaining to them some of the things that made him bitter in his past lifestyle. “I drank and was adulterous,” he said as he looked down at the grass. “I was proud and didn’t care about people,” he continued. After a brief pause in the conversation the daughter said, “It sounds like you had some sort of boa constrictor wrapped around you; this would be enough to make anyone bitter.” She was right, and Bill felt his neck like he was being strangled when he recalled some of the adulterous partners his wife had relations with. He held his face in his hands, “It’s all in the past now.” Bill had denied Jesus as well as his fellow-man back then and recalled Peter from the book of Luke chapter twenty-two verse sixty-two which read…And Peter went out, and wept bitterly. This is what Peter did when he denied Jesus three times. Bill felt he denied everyone and everything all his life. “I don’t deny Jesus anymore now I’ve found his love.” As the budding trees blossom so do believers in Jesus, their spiritual garden becomes lovely. Yes, life was as sweet as honey now he had discovered god.


Jesus is my doctor

The daughter recalled past worries and concerns when her mother was close to death at one point and the doctor rushed her into hospital with a suspected cardiac arrest. It was sitting next to her bed waiting for her mother to recover from keyhole heart surgery that she picked up, thumbed through and read a few passages from the Gideon’s bible. She recalls looking at the bible verses which came under despair, and Bill helped by referring to ‘despair’ verses in his electric bible. “Yes dear, Paul the apostle said the following from second Corinthians chapter four verse eight which read,”…We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair…” I imagine you became strong like Paul did when trouble and persecution faced him,” said Bill. “Well I was very baffled, ‘all at sea’ also about what was happening to my mother, and the doctor confused me even more regarding the cause of the heart attack. As the doctor spoke to me I was reading the bible, and at that moment I said to myself Jesus is my doctor, he will provide me with all answers. I remember smiling at the doctor and feeling at complete ease.” The daughter looked at her mother and reassuringly held her hand. The countryside felt so peaceful and private on that beautiful summer’s day, and only the birds and bees could hear us; god sent a warm breeze over the three of them with a fresh fragrance of freshly cut grass; it was so sweet, and Bill pictured the ‘Garden of Eden’.
Dull in senses
Bill and the two ladies saw a man in the distance who looked wobbly on his legs. Bill had ardiac arrest. It was sitting next to her bed waiting for her mother to recover from keyhole heart surgery that she picked up, thumbed through and read a few passages from the Gideon’s bible. She been there in the past, walking around drunk. As they got closer he looked at his watch and squinted. He was drunk alright, and Bill could see a small bottle of brandy sticking out of his jacket. The drunk man muttered something towards the threesome, and although no one knew what he wanted Bill replied with a sympathy recalling his drunken past, and trying to unsuccessfully flag a taxi down. “Can we help you in any way sir?” Bill politely said. He heard Jesus say ‘dull’, the drunk was totally dull in his senses. Bill checked his electric bible to see what god had to say about dullness. It was from Matthew chapter thirteen verse fifteen, the parable of the sower. This verse read…For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them…The drunk man uttered something that didn’t make sense, “Sir,” Bill said, “I use to drink alcohol like yourself, and I was later saved by the lord Jesus, where I am now teetotal and leading a clean godly life. You can to Sir, try your best and give up the booze.” Damn you!” he shouted at the three of them, “I’ll ask someone else for the time,” and he staggered away. Bill said, “He has to find the answer himself. Perhaps god wants to keep him in this state for a better chance of the gospel being proclaimed. He could still make it to heaven if he sincerely lets Jesus into his heart and repents.

It was an enjoyable day overall, and the country walk ended at the two ladies car. Bill exchanged kisses, and helped the elderly lady put on her seat belt. They all exchanged names and contact details, and Bill waved wishing them a safe journey with the love of Jesus. The budding trees above Bill’s head seemed to wave goodbye themselves in the breeze, and the sun began to sink at the back of them, sending through the branches beams of light which lit up the back of Bill’s head. Never had Bill in his entire life felt so peaceful as he did on that summer’s day. Bill prayed a silent prayer to Jesus, thanking him for a glorious day, and wishing his fellow-man, the drunk being foremost in his thoughts, all the happiness in the world and the gift of finding the life of Jesus to attain this happiness. Bill walked along the country road. He nimbly walked towards the railway station and with just half a mile to go briskly walked to increase his heart rate for good exercise. The sun began to sink below the horizon, and the little railway station was lit up with a golden reflection. The sound of the train’s electric motor gently eased up as the train stopped, and Bill continued his journey with Jesus.
The End

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and may the love of Jesus help the trees in your soul keep budding now and forever more, Amen.

On fire for God

On fire for God

Acts 2:3 KJV
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

Praise the Lord. This is a well used Pentecostal saying, yet it is so so true. As soon as the Holy Spirit enters our souls, the demons, rubbish, sin everything that is impure leaves us, very similar to the steel making furnace process, where impurities float to the top of the liquid metal leaving, pure metal, gold whatever at the bottom, ready to be poured into ingots. Our souls a furnace, well for a while anyway, and when those tongues of fire have purged our soul, just a nice cooled down block of gold remains. Our personal treasure.

That ruggedness within our souls gone forever, that sin harassed out by God’s fire.

I sometimes open the door to my soul on purpose and sin doesn’t always rush in now. There’s easier prey I guess. A lot of the burning stuff in my soul has been burnt out, and it hurts like hell pardon the pun to begin with. Now it’s just the odd little grass fire that does me good, prepares the soil so to speak.

So thank you Jesus for those curling tongues of fire which cleanse us and help us spread the Gospel. In your sweet precious name. Amen.

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And may Jesus truly enter your souls with tongues of fire. Amen.

Vote Jesus

Vote Jesus

The amount of political campaigning going on in the states is absolutely unbelievable, will it be Hillary or Donald? Well the bookmakers in England have the Democrats rock solid favorites, yet when you listen and watch the media its neck and neck, or a lot closer than you think! The money that has gone into this USA campaigning is staggeringly high, maybe even enough to run a small nations economy, as the two biggies lock horns for the supreme power throne of the world.

If some of that campaigning money was awarded for the ‘Proclamation of the Gospel’ message, what a better, brighter, more happy world we would live in. Just imagine, getting off that plane, walking towards the media platform, and saying things like – ‘that devil you know is a ……’, and then think of all of the ‘slagging’ off of the opposition that’s been going on. The most abhorred ever in US Presidential elections, vote for the lesser of the two evils. However, in support of Trump and Clinton, these last four years I feel have sky rocketed regarding the continuous advancement of computer technology, cyber crime, hacking, where the past have been able to ‘keep things secret’ isn’t that easy anymore!

So, people, vote for Jesus! Give Jesus your vote not on election day but now, and don’t forget, you need to keep on voting Jesus in every second of your life, or else ‘the devil’s in’ changing your soul’s policy to one of what Mark 7:21-22 lists…Murder, Arrogance, Slander, Malice, adultery, Sexual immorality, lasciviousness… and that just covers half of mankind’s EVIL!

Vote Jesus and keep the Devil out! and let’s get extreme with this. Be tough and keep satan out, and help the luke warm folks out there that keep on dithering, sitting on the wall all the time and falling off when they contemplated a few ‘devilish things!’


No more vulnerable people, Jesus is with you. Vote Jesus! Pay 100% taxes to Jesus, give him the lot, give him your soul (spiritually speaking that is), do it materially and you are surely a saint, one of the elect! Vote Christ! Those past presidents on Mount Rushmore, Jefferson, Lincoln and all, start another rock face with Jesus and the twelve disciples. Vote Jesus! Let’s all sing our praises to Jesus, the only one who can lead us into heaven, our Saviour. Vote Jesus. Why vote for man and carry around in your pocket a wallet made from a sows ear, when you can carry nothing just the clothes you wear and a staff and have the lord singing in your heart making you happy ALL THE TIME! Vote Jesus Christ.


So, dear Jesus, thank you for helping us to get through the mayhem that man bestows on all in this world. Thank you for being our leader, where we never have to vote for you because our faith in you is so strong! Please help the world be a better place after the big presidential elections in the states have come to an end, and may the poorest of the poor out there find sanctuary within your shadow, in your sweet precious name. Amen.

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And may you have the faith and winning formula that helps you vote Jesus for ever. Amen.

A tug of love with Jesus.

A tug of love with Jesus.

This can be just like back-sliding. Jesus pulls us upward and our laziness and lack of faith pulls us back towards the ground. If it is a ‘tug of love’ then we are lucky. We should allow Jesus to keep holding us and gently reminding us of our short-falling. Do we really give our hearts to Jesus when we forget a little and do things which aren’t really that ‘Gospel Proclaiming’!

Jesus really did give his all to God. Matt 26:39…and fell on his face…(KJV) as he appealed to God. Do we really do this. We may get on our knees, but have we ever really got down with our face towards the ground. This is the true tug of love practice I believe.


Can I get more like Jesus?  or back-sliding easy indulging…


This lovely food in front of me…perhaps if I just eat a little bit then I’ll pray and try to tug of love Jesus back again! Those heavens thunder, God is still wrathful! 

We should walk away from this indulgence. However, like the ‘rich young man’ who couldn’t give his wealth away to follow Jesus. It’s so hard to stop that ‘tug of love’.


It’s difficult for us, living in a rich land. So we continue with our tug of love, and we are very happy when we see Jesus pulling us up by our hands, and dusting us down , where we try our best and ‘Proclaim that all important Gospel message.

Thank you Jesus for returning into our hearts continually, and keeping us from the ravages of sin, in your sweet precious name. Amen.

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and may Jesus be with you during your lifetime of ‘Tug of Love’. Amen.