Jesus Christ is definitely the way to heavenly father’s celestial kingdom!

Jesus Christ is definitely the way to heavenly father’s celestial kingdom!

The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints believe this, Jesus Christ and more specifically the ‘atoning sacrifice’ of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect and part of our faith which people must grasp, in order not just to make it to heaven, but to get any where near God our heavenly father.

We have the most beautiful and perfect map to follow in order to get to heaven, called the ‘Plan of Salvation’.

This plan can be yours viewers who are new to the Mormon faith! Please consider visiting one of our many chapels dotted around England and the world. You will be made most WELCOME, and our missionaries will be delighted to give you a copy of ‘the plan of Salvation’ booklet for you to read, ponder and decide whether or not this fabulous church is right for you.

So go on, give it a go, and you could be on the journey of a lifetime! Jesus Christ loves you friends. God bless!

Mormon is the modern ‘great faith!’

Mormon is the modern ‘great faith!’


I mean, the first prophet of the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day saints was Joseph Smith born in 1805 and some twenty five years later, the Book of Mormon was first published.

But why is it the modern great faith like the title suggests?

Well first of all, Mormons believe in two sets of holy scriptures. The Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. That really is ‘good news’! and like the Book of Mormon says on its front cover, it’s :-

Another Testament of Jesus Christ. and very quickly when you read this sacred book, and pray to our heavenly father to ask whether what you have read is the truth, then the holy ghost fills your soul. Not so if you don’t believe though! A bit like the gospels, if you read the words of Jesus, and they don’t speak to your soul as you ponder those divine words, nothing happens, zippo, zero, nothing, or maybe some anti-christ reactions.

There’s really no danger, worries or anything like that if you believe in Jesus Christ though. The Book of Mormon speaks to your soul, like Jesus speaking to you face to face some two thousand years ago when he walked in Israel! When you read both the Book of Mormon and the Holy Scriptures they go together hand in hand, and help the believer to receive the ‘restored’ gospel in it’s fulness, meaning Joseph Smith has brought back the true church in our modern times like when Jesus preached the good news when he ministered in Israel over two thousand years ago. The apostacy which began when Jesus was crucified, and continues more so in our day and age has really destroyed the truth of God’s word, forming all kinds of weird and down right ‘dodgy’ beliefs that border on hypocritc twisted lies and beliefs. Not any more though, and Joseph Smith saw this problem and remedied it some 200 years ago now.

My nights turned so pleasant and warm and holy when I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints, however, if I could persuade you to find your nearest chapel and ‘investigate’ this new phenonema, please give it a try, you never know it may be what you’ve been looking for all these years.

The Book of Mormon

May the love of Jesus Christ be in your souls forever. Amen.



Finding Jesus and our heavenly father through Mormon faith.

Finding Jesus and our heavenly father through Mormon faith.

So as well as using the Holy Scriptures, the Jesus Christ Church of Latter – day Saints use the book of Mormon as well. In fact the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.Where the holy scriptures can be seen as ‘a witness’ of God and Jesus Christ being true alive real and in your hearts if you just believe and repent, we have two witness, the other being the ‘book of Mormon’, which again is the word of God, and thinking about it in life on our planet, don’t you agree that two witnesses are better than one! Of course they are.

I must say at this point, to become a member of the Mormon faith is the most important decision anyone can make, and it does take a lot of personal committment, bravery and heart to make that all important commitment to join. With me though it was simple, Jesus Christ let me know through one way or another that this was the correct church for me to settle down with. It could be yours to! I’ve heard peoples testimonies stating that the only thing they regretted about becoming a member was the fact that they wasted ten years sitting on the fence, leaving the decision until tomorrow, or just putting the pamphlet that the missionaries gave them in the top draw, or even the bottom one. What joy they received when they were baptized into the church. Fabulous!

Just become interested I say. Visit a couple of times, Even, read the book of Mormon, and your blessings will start right there!


I’m here, the Book of Mormon.

I’m here, the Book of Mormon.

Just reaching out to our heavenly father is truly a wonderful experience don’t you think. When the power of God his you, and you just stand there speechless, you just know that Jesus Christ our Saviour has just touched you! Awesome!

The Book of Mormon works in parallel with the Holy Scriptures, they are the word of God. But folks as some of you are very aware, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Gospel over the centuries has been distorted, changed, and is only now a former shadow of itself until the coming of Joseph Smith back in 1805. This amazing prophet Restored the Gospel of Jesus, and now we have a new and true church, as real and fantastic as back in the days of Jesus’ ministry on our earth!

The book of Mormon doesn’t cost much, and if you read it and ask heavenly father if it is true then you will be blessed with your own personal revelation. So please give it a try, and if all goes well then join the one and only true church, The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints.

God bless, Stephen.

Mercy on Judgement Day.

Mercy on Judgement Day.

I started this post right here without first doing the title, why?

well really there is no magic formula which people can use to find Jesus and salvation and glory! It’s all down to the mercy of God whether we attain heaven. We have to really hope and pray on Judgement Day that Jesus is by our side don’t you agree! So I’ll call this post, ‘Mercy on Judgement Day’.

Luke 1:50 And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation.

What is fear

Of course we should really fear, as in frightened, God, as he has the power to do to us what ever he pleases, our life is in his hands, however, fear definition in Luke 1:50 simply means respect. We just need to respect God ALWAYS, from generation to generation, this way mercy will surely be ours although we certainly DO NOT DESERVE IT! 

mercy 1

I’m confident enough to say ‘I’ll make it to heaven, no problem’ however when I do just take a moment and think what if I MIGHT not get to heaven! then this inner core of faith which fills me somehow causes me to grasp my hand tighter, holding on to Jesus Christ, and the best thing about it is ‘he doesn’t mind!’.

Are you worried yourselves friends?

How about yourselves friends, do you ever doubt your salvation and forget that we need God’s Mercy to make it, and what if he doesn’t grant us mercy. A sobering thought. We has Christians though, and true Christians at that don’t have to ponder too long about the ‘unthinkable and hell’ happening when our faith somehow, and beautifully so gets us back on that ‘narrow pathway that leads to heaven’, where we just dust ourselves down and look around us to see if there is anyone else we can dust down also.

mercy 3.JPG

The robber next to Jesus was forgave and shown mercy by Jesus, he believed that Jesus was the ‘son of God’ and it’s as simple as that. 

What fantastic Mercy.

May the mercy of Jesus Christ live with you now and forever more. Amen.

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